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USS Atlantis (NCC-90562)

USS Atlantis

Sovereign-class • NCC-90562 • Task Force 47

“…both wealth and concord decline as possessions become pursued and honored. And virtue perishes with them as well.”
― Plato, Timaeus and Critias

USS Atlantis (NCC-90562) is a Sovereign-class starship assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 47 and under the command of Captain Tikva Theodoras. Commissioned into service in early 2400 with the decommissioning of her previous namesake, Atlantis continues that vessel’s proud tradition of exploration and discovery while championing the ideals of Starfleet and the Federation. With renewed commitment to once more fulfilling Starfleet’s principal duty of exploration, Atlantis is soon to find herself working on the map’s edge, where adventure and thrills a plenty can be found.

Built on a tried and true space-frame with all the latest technical innovations, Atlantis is well equipped for her forthcoming mission of exploration into the Thomar Expanse. An experienced core crew, fresh faces to round out the numbers and a willingness to go see what’s just past the map edge – these are the voyages of the starship Atlantis

To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!

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The stories of the Atlantis and her crew are rated:
RPG Rating 2 2 2This is roughly equivalent to 16+

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17 July 2024

Journeys - 10

USS Atlantis: Journeys

“Nothing?” W’a’le’ki looked up from her tricorder and offered a slight smile to Commander Camargo to along with the shrug of her shoulders. “Nothing of significance specifically.” They’d been planetside, no, ringside, now for a few hours and frankly she was much happier to have [...]

12 July 2024

Journeys - 9

USS Atlantis: Journeys

“Okay, that’s enough. Time to stop sulking.” Rachel Garland’s words could have come across as pushy as she barged into the darkened room, and perhaps they were, but Tikva could feel the love that came with the admonishment. After all, sometimes the duty of a friend was to kick another up [...]

10 July 2024

Journeys - 8

USS Atlantis: Journeys

Stepping into the transporter room, Gabrielle expected to see whatever team Simmons and Gérard had assembled for the away team. She hadn’t expected Atlantis’ resident Xindi-Insectoid to be present, or a team of security officers. There were enough people to fill the transporter pad twice over [...]

2 July 2024

Journeys - 7

USS Atlantis: Journeys

“Good news, bad news,” Gérard Maxwell announced as he stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge, still wiping his hands on a rag that had at some point in the past presumably been white in colour. It was now the unfortunate colour swathe of engineering viscera. And aside from Gérard’s [...]