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USS Rhyndacus (NCC-88017)


Raven-class • NCC-88017 • Task Force 47

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24 June 2022

Let's make this stop quick

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Doc K’Gok looks at the screen and slams her hand down on the helm console “wanI’vammo’ ghu’vam.( what have those idiots done), yes Captain this is bad very bad.” Looks down at Chief Kaha “Chief can you zoom in on those ships let’s see if we can tell what is [...]

22 June 2022

Fly it like you stole it and some unwelcome guests

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Kr’Antren enters the ready room with a cup in one hand and his PADD in the other.  “So what do we have folks? Were we able to figure out how this program plain sight works?and how can we use it?. I e looked over the notes that Ruz, Tazzeth and Kaha sent me. So I’ve got the [...]

19 June 2022

In plain sight

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Over the next 24 hours Lt. Dalibah receives several messages from various departments and Personnel with ideas for solving the puzzle that the captain had laid out in front of them. After going through them and looking at her own ideas she starts to compile a possible idea but it may not be one the [...]

18 June 2022

How did we miss that?

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Following the all hands meeting chief Ruz and petty officer stimeck make their way back to the engineering area. “Stimeck take crewman T’vrek and check the power relays in section 2 bravo. They are showing a 5% lass than optimal operation, with this being the second extended length of time in [...]