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22 July 2022

Arrival at DS47

USS Rhyndacus: Are we there yet

“Deep space 47 flight control this is the USS Rhyndacus requesting docking instructions, holding at the outer marker for further instructions.” Number one stated from her position.    “USS Rhyndacus permission to dock has been granted. Deep Space 47 welcomes you to the Thomar [...]

20 July 2022

Entering the expanse

USS Rhyndacus: Are we there yet

“Incoming transmission sir, says it’s for you from DS9.”   “Send it to my ready room” As he got up from his chair,straightened his tunic and made his way to his ready room.   “Ahhhh me’boy, there you are.So mom and dad let you out of the nursery did they? “ as the [...]

18 July 2022

Decision's made

USS Rhyndacus: Are we there yet

Son, I received  your communication sorry it took me a couple days to reply. Took a look at the official mission report on the Rhyndacus, not sure there is or was much more you could have done to change the outcome. But in the end you accomplished your mission and helped bring a planet and its [...]

10 July 2022

Sunrise brings new light

USS Rhyndacus: Blockaded Dilithium

Two simple caskets draped in the flag of the federation of planets are laid out on the floor of cargo bay two of the Rhyndacus. Before them in the barely lit landing area, processions are barely noticeable approaching the area marked for the Remembrance Monolith.    Four individuals [...]