USS Challenger (NCC-92421)

"We leave as we we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind." - Eugene Cernan


Odyssey-class • NCC-92421 • Fourth Fleet

Commissioned in January 2401, the USS Challenger NCC-92421 has been assigned to the command of Fleet Captain Thomas Forrester and charged with continuing the legacy of her predecessor; to seek out new worlds and new civilisations. To that end, Challenger has been assigned to explore beyond the borders of Federation space, ‘north-west’ of the Deneb Sector, alongside the rest of Challenger Squadron. In addition to the unknown challenges that await them, some familiar faces in the form of Breen and Kizinti raiders continue to make life difficult for the Challenger‘s crew.

Challenger Squadron

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12 March 2024

Mortal Temples - 4

USS Challenger: Mortal Temples

“The first time you address him, it’s ‘your majesty’ and ‘sir’ after that.” Captain Tarven Rix marched through the Challenger’s corridors with Commander Bentley keeping pace beside him, providing a last-minute protocol briefing. Both men were attired in their dress uniforms and were [...]

2 March 2024

Mortal Temples - 3

USS Challenger: Mortal Temples

They looked so happy. They were happy—newlyweds on their honeymoon, imagining a long life together. They had no idea of what was to come, no idea that one of them would have his life cruelly snuffed out on an away mission, leaving the other behind to grieve and try and build a life different from [...]

23 February 2024

Mortal Temples - 2

USS Challenger: Mortal Temples

Matthias Bentley closed his eyes and tilted his head towards the sun. The heat felt good on his skin. He inhaled deeply, the scent of the ocean filling his nostrils. The familiar soundtrack of waves crashing on a nearby beach soothed his weary soul. Surrounded by the familiar sounds and smells of [...]

17 February 2024

Mortal Temples - 1

USS Challenger: Mortal Temples

The sweet scent of jumja tea filled Taro Niya’s nostrils as she lifted the cup and the plate of buttered toast from the replicator. They never got the Bajoran tea quite right, but it was a close enough approximation that Niya still enjoyed multiple cups throughout the day. She carried her [...]