USS Challenger (NCC-71099)

"The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave." - Ronald Reagan


Galaxy-class • NCC-71099 • Task Force 86

The U.S.S. Challenger NCC-71099 is a Galaxy-class explorer, the fifth such starship to be constructed and one of the oldest still in service. After 34 years, the Challenger is showing no signs of slowing down. Following a recent year-long refit, she has once again taken flight under the command of Captain Thomas Forrester.

Originally designed and built with exploration in mind, the Challenger’s deep space mission was scrapped in 2373 and she returned home as the clouds of war gathered on the horizon. A quick refit focusing on her tactical capabilities followed and was completed shortly after the outbreak of war with the Dominion at the end of that year.

The Challenger’s service during the Dominion War was exemplary and when it was over, the Federation’s focus shifted to rebuilding efforts and providing aid to Cardassia. Given her cargo and passenger carrying capacities, the Challenger was well suited to these tasks and spent the post-war years on them. By 2380, she had finally returned to the mission for which she was built: long-term deep space exploration.

The Challenger was once more pressed into service as a refugee carrier in 2374 when the Romulans requested assistance with evacuating their worlds in the face of the impending destruction of the Romulan star. This mission was halted following the synth attack on Mars a year later.  In the years that followed, the Challenger was limited to scientific research missions in and around Federation space.

In 2399, with much of Starfleet’s focus on exploration of the Delta Quadrant, the Challenger’s first post-refit task with a six month exploration mission of the Gamma Quadrant while providing assistance to those worlds that’ve been abandoned by the Dominion over the past four years.

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19 January 2022

Nobody's Perfect

USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

Matthias Bentley was exhausted. Sleep had eluded him following Tom’s visit in the middle of the night. In the hours that followed, his mind raced as it bounced between digesting the news of Gret’s death along with the reason Tom had been such an asshole since the Challenger left Earth. Now he [...]

16 January 2022

"Bad News Invariably Comes In The Middle Of The Night"

USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

Tom reached out and pressed the door chime. Because of the late hour, he wasn’t expecting the door to be answered quickly so he was surprised when the door opened revealing a shirtless Matt Bentley. The sight took Tom’s breath away and he itched to reach out and run his fingers through Matt’s [...]

7 January 2022


USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

Gare Morell sighed heavily as he pushed the ‘new’ flow regulator into its slot, being rewarded with a satisfying clunk as the module was successfully installed. The regulator was about as new as the 50 year old engineer’s joints were and just as problematic. This was the third time it had [...]

8 December 2021

Welcome to Darox

USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

“Welcome to Darox, Captain Forrester.” Prime Minister Gret Larell reached out a hand, which Tom accepted and shook firmly. The warm smile on the slightly older man’s face stood in contrast to the more guarded, tighter smile on the face of his colleague. “May I introduce Penn Renos, Deputy [...]