USS Mariner (NCC-97607)

The USS Mariner is a Pathfinder class with the role of doing deep-space scientific research. It is officially assigned to Task Force 86 but operates primarily in unknown territory.


Pathfinder-class • NCC-97607 • Task Force 86

“Sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The USS Mariner is fresh from the docks and completed its shakedown cruise with flying colors. But the senior crew is of old, weighted by the last operation in the Delta Quadrant that demanded so much from them. They are sent back to the Delta Quadrant to continue their exploration, find new species, and make their way through the spiderweb of politics. The seasoned command crew has to face the aftermath of the Blood Dilithium and the aggressive expansion of the Devore Imperium.

Mariner might be designated for science, but exploring the wild west of Delta Quadrant will put a lot of pressure on it. What stellar mysteries lay before them? What new worlds will they discover? And what new challenges will they face? The crew’s primary operations are missions of stellar and astronomical events, creations, or the unknown. Exploring new stars and nebulas, documenting unknown fauna and bestiary from newly discovered worlds.

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17 October 2023

10) Sleeping Problems

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

Tapping his desk with one hand and holding his other hand against his forehead. Kossaal tried to figure out what was happening. Since arriving at L‘Talia, the number of sick patients has doubled or even tripled. It was specific cases of sleeplessness, being overworked, unable to rest, and waking [...]

16 October 2023

9) From Investigation to Rescue

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

After leaving the shuttle bay, the Hazard Team started to explore deeper into L’Talia station. The flickering of lights, the cracking of metal or wood, but mostly the silence was noticeable. The station had life support, but life was gone, as if it was never there. Hallways leading to the [...]

15 October 2023

8) We go for a ride

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

The transport room was unable to get a solid lock at L’Talia station. So Silina ordered her team to move to the shuttle bay and get the shuttle USS Flores out for a spin. It was the only way for them to get towards the base itself, but it would pose a treat, seeing they had no idea what was out [...]

14 October 2023

7) What is This?

USS Mariner: M2: All the Voices in My Head

The live feed from outside surrounded the room. Empty ships were floating lifelessly around with barely any energy to function. Suto’s eyes darted from left to right as ships were selected and scanned on various data fragments. The data she saw made her sigh as she tapped her chin for a moment, [...]