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Profile Overview

Adham bin Suhail

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign bin Suhail


Science Officer
USS Mariner


Adham bin Suhail



Adham is known by many of his friends as a curious person who has a fascination for exploring the unknown. He is known to show a calm attitude and always has a smile on his face. Adham is very open, and loves to play piano when he can or paint. Adham doesn’t like to sport, he rather play some competitive games with his friends.


Short black hair, with thick black eyebrows, his eyes are brown and his skin is light brown. He has no visible tattoos or scars from previous encounters. Adham is about 71 kg and is 1.75 meters in length. He wears mostly his uniform, but in his free time he does tend to be in his Starfleet training clothing as it comforts him.


Adham is a person who has the personality traits of being introverted, observant, thinking, and judging. He tends to be reserved if he needs to be but appears to be open to any kind of conversation. He has a rational outlook on life. Furthermore, he prides himself on his integrity. Adham is committed to his work, projects, or tasks that are assigned to him. He will follow through.

His strengths are mostly being honest and direct, as emotional manipulation, mind games, or reassuring lies don’t sway him. He has a strong feeling of duty and feels very responsible for it. In the field of science and specifically sociology, he is a jack of all trades, able to use his knowledge and methods to the test.

While not admitting to it, he does have weaknesses, he is pretty stubborn, always works by the book, and can be very judgmental.


Born under the loving care of Muneef and Sahheeda, Adham was always surrounded by scientists, medical, and counseling people. Specialist in their own respected fields, Adham got a taste of what they did, as his father, Muneef, was a known scientist at the Starfleet Science division. Later, he would move to Starfleet Academy to become one of the instructors. Adham’s mother, Sahheeda, was a Medical Officer and had been stationed at various locations, Starbase 4 and Alpha Centauri, and eventually stayed at Earth. This gives Adham the experience and builds the foundation of his curiosity about the stars. His parents would support him in his early steps to a Starfleet career.

In 2394, he was accepted into Starfleet Academy, where he would take Science as his major and Medicine and Diplomacy as his minors. He would develop his skills further in the fields of Cultural studies, Archaeology and Sociology. Additionally, he took public health as an additional course that would add to his minor in Medicine. His academy journey wrapped up four years later in 2398 when he became officially an ensign in service of Starfleet.

USS Warrior

He got assigned as a Science Officer on the Intrepid class ship Warrior. Because of his field of expertise in Sociology, he was involved with negotiating a treaty with relatively unknown species that were at war with each other in Delta Quadrant. His offered solution to resolve the issue was not immediately accepted, but his Captain backed him up, and it was done.

When the Blood Dilithium boom happened, the Warrior got destroyed while the away team was on an asteroid to investigate the Blood Dilithium. The Devore Imperium was behind it. Adham was one of the away team members because of his archaeology background, and it took some time to get him a new position. He had to watch his friends die from a distance. This caused him long-term trauma therapy.

USS Marine

After the events of the Lost Fleet, the Frontier day (Where he stayed relatively safe as he was far away from the Jupiter signal). He was assigned to the USS Mariner, a Pathfinder ship that was tasked to operate in Delta Quadrant. He became their Science Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - 2395 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2395 - 2394 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2396 - 2395 Cadet Social Sciences Starfleet Academy—Mellstoxx III
Cadet Junior Grade
2397 - 2396 Cadet Social Sciences Starfleet Academy—Mellstoxx III
Cadet Senior Grade
2398 - 2401 Science Officer USS Warrior
2401 - Present Science Officer USS Mariner