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USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

The USS Mariner is requested back to Federation space to help out on an important mission at the Klingon/Romulan borders.

Mission Description

A few weeks have passed after both Frontier Day and the Borg appearances. Many puzzles still remain unsolved, and Mariner is assigned to operate in Delta Quadrant to resume its scientific mission of exploring the unknown. However, while waiting for their new companion the USS Tokyo, the Mariner is requested back to Beta Quadrant to help out Task Force 86 in its fundamental mission, protecting the borders.

The newly colonized Mogotis near the Romulan and Klingon borders has suddenly become an unwanted location of attention. The House of Korath has made use of the chaotic situation within the Klingon Empire, and their sight is set on Mogotis as their prize. The Mogotis reaches out to the Federation for a call of aid in this situation, however it is in neutral zone and is to be treated delicate.

USS Mariner is sent to deal with the situation, but they will soon realize they are way over their heads when something unnatural interfere…

About the Mission

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18 July 2024

17.5) Maelstrom of madness

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

The ready room was still a mess after everything that had happened to the Mariner. Sazra had no chance to sit down in her office and clean it a bit. She had a meeting in this room to coordinate the operations to repair the ship, attend to the wounded, and figure out what had happened. Sazra picked [...]

12 July 2024

17) Many options, but only one true path

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

The sickbay became more operational as its systems became more active after they got power and repairs were needed. The EMH was also activated to assist the medical staff in their hectic, buzzing workplace. Sazra rushed to the sickbay to return to, walking in a more reserved way to the room where [...]

10 July 2024

16) Clean Deck, Clean Mind

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

The shuttlebay was a complete mess. The impact of the rough travel had thrown most equipment around, and certain parts of the bay collapsed, damaging a few shuttles currently unavailable for the crew to use. A few people, including the Captain, were there to estimate the situation. Throwing a [...]

9 July 2024

15) The Stakes are High

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

The observation lab was a mess and the least damaged across the ship. That was a win by itself. However, the power the lab was receiving, and the sensor data were minimal as it was diverted to sickbay and engineering, which needed more. Yet this room would be vital to navigating and recording [...]