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Part of USS Odyssey: Like Father Like Son

By The Flickering Of Lights

Stardate: 76999.4
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Jorgeh was lying back on his bed in his room, glaring up at the sky light window on the evening’s fake sunset. Hands behind his head, he remained there rested against them wondering just how much that was around was a forgery. Since coming out of the stasis chambers over two months ago, he had not felt himself entirely. Almost as bogus as the room, the house and the whole situation he found himself in. It was not like the way it was before. The Quirennal had been a ship filled with people he knew. Nothing was a fraud and the biggest one, his mother, was what got under his skin the most. He couldn’t blame the Odyssey crew for what they were being forced into. In fact, he felt for them and appreciated the efforts made by Max and Tobi, his ‘adopted’ fathers, for going out of their way to make both him and his brother feel at ease with them. In the past two months he had grown to like the two of them a lot. He had time for them and when he found it hard to deal with the isomorphic projection that ran this prison they were all in, he found it easier to talk to either Max or Tobi about it. 

Looking over to the side of his room, he saw a picture that they had taken of the four of them on what his fathers had called a ‘camping trip’. Sleeping in a shelter they had called a ‘tent’ had been a brand new experience for him and his brother Wylem. His adopted fathers had taken the picture of them all sitting around what was called a ‘campfire’. Smiling at the memory, Jorgeh had enjoyed that time, it was one of the few recent nicer moments he had experienced. Even though they had certain freedoms, Jorgeh still felt trapped. Though only he and Wylem had expressed similar feelings. His other friends that had come out of stasis with them, all had said they were glad to be out and no issue with what the holographic version of mother had imposed upon them. None of them thought it was wrong that the crew of the Odyssey had been made prisoners and forced to raise them. None of them found it awkward to sit in on a class with Captain McCallister and see how that man hid his frustration at not being on his own ship. Jorgeh had overheard his fathers talk about the fact that the captain had his own sons, almost the same age as himself, back on the Odyssey. Tobi was their ‘godfather’, Jorgeh hadn’t understood what that was but understood it was like a back-up parent for Captain McCallister and Commander Reyas. After hearing that, Jorgeh had wondered how McCallister’s sons were dealing with not having their parents around. It made him feel guilty of what was happening on the Quirrenall

A knock on the door and he looked over to see Max standing wearing a brightly coloured pair of blue shorts, a white shirt and what looked like flowers around his neck. “Jorgeh, you ready for tonight? We’re leaving in about ten minutes.” Max then paused and noticed the mood his adopted son was in. “You okay big man?”

Sitting up and ignoring the nickname that Max had given him, just because he saw the funny side once at the fact he was taller than his brother, Jorgeh looked over at him. “Yeah.” He said in a distant sort of way.

Stepping through the threshold, Max made his way in and closed the door behind him. “What’s up?”

Rolling his eyes as he didn’t really want to talk about it, but he found himself always opening up to Max about things, Jorgeh sighed at first in response. “I’m just getting frustrated with everything and everyone.”

“How come?” Max asked as he sat on the edge of Jorgeh’s bed. 

“I don’t really mean everyone, it’s just I’m annoyed that none of my friends see the wrong that is happening here.” Jorgeh exclaimed. “I don’t want to go to this party tonight and see any of them. Plus that abomination keeps bugging me or Wylem, wherever we go. It just annoys me.” 

Nodding to show he empathised with Jorgeh, Max did his best to counsel the teenager. He knew that by using the term abomination he meant the hologram of his mother. Almost everyday since they had moved in with Tobi and Max, Captain Jyster would check in on her sons. Lately it was becoming too much for either Jorgeh or Wylem to deal with. “That’s understandable.” Max replied. “But no-one is making you have to hang out with any of your friends. Unfortunately, I can’t control when your mother appears.”

“I wish you could.” Jorgeh mumbled. He looked up at Max. “I ended up screaming at her today on my way home from class. I completely lost it.”

Max got a bit closer to Jorgeh and rubbed the side of his arm, offering him the comfort he needed. “I’m sorry to hear that Jorgeh. How did you feel afterwards?”

“Awful for screaming at her, because I know it’s not really her and that my actual mother has been dead for a long time. However at the same time it’s what’s left of my mother. That’s the confusing thing, still. That said, it felt good to get it off my chest.” He admitted.

“It’s okay to feel all of that.” Max assured him. “Listen, I know things don’t seem great right now but tonight’s event is important for everyone. Can you at least come and spend some time with me, Tobi and your brother?”

Considering the request for a second, Jorgeh just nodded. “Sure, but do I need to wear such brightly coloured attire?”

Nodding in affirmation, Max briefed his son on the traditions of the lūʻau and ended up using the particle synthesiser to create a similar elaborate and colourful outfit for him. “There’s going to be plenty of food, drink and music. Everyone is coming, so there’s plenty of other people you can mingle with.”

“True.” Jorgeh agreed as he looked over at the shirt that Max had made for him. It was bright pink and the shorts he had were white with a pattern on them that looked like a piece of fruit. “Is Wylem wearing something just as embarrassing?”

“No,” Max said initially as he started to make his way out of Jorgeh’s bedroom. “He’s wearing something a lot worse as Tobi picked it out for him.” He added as left. 

Jorgeh chuckled and got changed, hoping that this event was worth the distraction he needed.

Impressed at how quickly everything had come together, Doctor Slyvexs walked into the lūʻau where a tropical themed dressed arm-in-arm with her husband. Mettex wore a similar style of shirt with long beige trousers. Enjoying the atmosphere that was being created by those who had turned up, so far, the sound of music in the background along with the various fire pits and the intense smell of food being caught out in the open brought a smile on to the doctor’s face. 

“I can’t remember the last time I saw everyone almost enjoying themselves.” Mettex stated as they moved through the crowd and were welcomed by a number of people they passed. 

Saying hello back to everyone she passed, Slyvexs agreed with her husband. “Indeed, it is nice to see.”

Heading towards a small area besides the large pool and artificially created beach that had been synthesised, the two Denobulans approached Counsellor Samris and Lieutenant Commander T’Rani. The two of them, who had orchestrated the whole event along with Lieutenant Tomaz, were congregated by a table that had a number of drinks and empty plates on it. Impressed to see T’Rani wearing a long navy blue sarong and a garland of flowers around her neck like her fellow crewmates, Slyvexs caught their attention. 

“Congratulations to you all with your efforts. It looks like tonight is a hit!” Slyvexs commented as she looked down at the huge pool that had people in it, a mixture of the Odyssey crew along with the young people they now cared for. 

Appreciating the support, Samris thanked the doctor for her compliment. “We’re happy with how it’s going.”

“The captain agreed with Counsellor Samris’ assessment that a huge social event would assist with our unification efforts with the Rylsanti youngsters.” T’Rani added.

Suppressing her smirk with T’Rani’s statement, Slyvex looked at the pilot. “T’Rani, this isn’t a diplomatic gathering to have the Romulan civilisation move back home to Vulcan.”

“Nevertheless my dear, T’Rani’s sentiment about closing the bridge between the Odyssey crew and those they now care for is essential if we are going to survive this.” Mettex said. “Talking of those we are caring for, where are your two youngsters?”

Samris gestured with a nod towards the large swimming pool behind them. “Tomaz has taken them all swimming with Jeddie, his son.” 

Turning around, Slyvexs noticed Tomaz in the water playing with a group of children she recognised as those assigned to him as well as T’Rani and Tomaz. “He’s a natural father. He reminds me so much of how you were Mettex.”

Mettex smiled at that tribute, “Ah to be a young father again.” He said. “Shall we get some food?”

“Sounds good.” Slyvexs said as they said goodbye to Samris and T’Rani to head over to the area where all of the food was being prepared by isomorphic waiters. 

On the other side of the pool, Tremt Hunsen was enjoying a very sweet drink out of a coconut, something he had never experienced before. Sensing someone approaching him from behind, he turned around and saw Lieutenant Keli. Like many others, she wore a sarong around her hips and was wearing a low cut top around her chest. Both items were made from the same dark blue material and had a flowery pattern on them. 

“Keli, a pleasure to see you.” Hunsen said to her. 

“Likewise Tremt.” She said, with a drink in one hand. Looking around the event, she noticed how busy everyone was. “Shall we go find our friends and join them?” 

Acting almost as a careful as he looked around them, Hunsen eventually looked at her and nodded. “Indeed. I’ve not seen Cline or Lukiz in a long time.”

“I believe they have a table on the beach.” Keli shared.

Walking carefully through the crowds, the chief engineer and assistant security chief passed several colleagues and youngsters all enjoying themselves. 

Keeping her voice low, Keli spoke. “The flickering of the lights look extra special tonight, they started only about an hour ago.”

Understanding what she was insinuating, Hunsen nodded in agreement. As they walked onto the beach area, they caught the chief operations officer and chief security and tactical officer both enjoying some food. 

“Hey you two.” Hunsen said in a friendly manner. “How’s your evening going?”

“Going to plan.” Lenjir answered, looking up at the chief engineer. “Isn’t the flickering of the lights looking extra special tonight?”

Smirking at the phrase, Hunsen looked at Keli, who also looked back at him, and then back to the Tiburonian man. “It’s funny you say that, Keli said the same thing earlier.”

Picking up on the hint, Jen looked up from the plate of food he was consuming. “That is funny. Cline and I were just about to take a walk, do you guys fancy joining us?”

“I’d love to.” Keli answered.

“Count me in.” Hunsen added. 

The four colleagues all left the beach and headed towards the event and as they passed through the crowds they passed Captain McCallister and Commander Reyas, both of whom were dancing to the music currently being played. 

Noticing the four of them swept by them, McCallister looked at his wife and smiled at her. Reyas paused as she clocked the group’s movement and carried on dancing with her husband. Wearing a long tight white cocktail dress, with various flowers on it, the chief science officer continued to move to the sound of the party music. Placing her hands around her husband’s neck she pulled him in closer. 

“I’m parched, shall we go to the bar?” She whispered in his ear.

Nodding to her, McCallister took one more look as he watched the four go off before returning his attention back to his wife. Reyas had taken his hand into hers and led him towards the bar area. This whole moment gave him cause for concern, especially with what they were up to. In his own thoughts he was hoping what they were undertaking would help. On the other side of his thoughts was how he was trying to cope with how much his wife was acting tonight. It was critical to what they were up to for them both to keep up appearance. She had understood the plan when she had been brought into the fold by Max and Tobi, then privately she had told her husband that she would do whatever it took to see their sons. However she had not spoken about where it left their relationship. 

As they walked past the pool, Reyas appeared to almost lose her footing as the particle synthesiser projector that was being used to create the pool seemed to have vibrated in the area she was walking across. As it disappeared for a small second, she lost her balance and went straight into the pool. Holding her hand tightly, McCallister fell in after her. The whole commutation caught everyone’s attention as they swam back to the top of the pool’s surface. Everyone had gone silent and were looking at them. Looking at them and everyone else, the couple both burst out laughing as they looked at one another. Everyone then just got on with enjoying the party. 

Swimming across the pool, both of them were approached by Tomaz, “Captain, Commander, are you both okay?”

Still chuckling somewhat, Reyas answered for them both. “We’re fine thanks Tomaz. I lost my balance on the edge of the pool. I was too bothered by the flickering of the lights.”

Tomaz, picking up on the codeword, nodded in agreement with his superior. “Indeed, it is something extra special, isn’t it?”

“It certainly is, lieutenant.” McCallister said as they reached the side and he wiped his wet face with his wet hand. The action didn’t help much but allowed for the captain to see a bit clearer. 

“Come over to our table,” Tomaz offered to the couple as he started to climb out of the pool while gesturing towards Jeddie and the other children to climb out for a moment. “We’ve got towels over there you can use.” 

“Lead the way, Tomaz.” McCallister insisted.

Following Tomaz, who was just in a pair of orange swimming shorts, over to where he was based with T’Rani and Samris, the Barzan man walked over and handed several towels over to both McCallister and Reyas. Tomaz placed a towel around his own hip as he explained to the others what had happened. 

“Are you okay, sir?” T’Rani asked, with concern after turning her attention from Tomaz to the captain. 

“Absolutely.” McCallister replied as he dried his hair, making it go fluffy. 

Looking over at her husband, whose dark red Hawaiian shirt was soaked through as were the white shorts he had on, Reyas placed the towel she had over her shoulders. “James, we can’t stay here looking like this. We should head back to our place, get dried and changed.”

Glancing back at her, McCallister chuckled somewhat. “You’re right honey. We should head back.”

“Are you going to come back?” Samris asked. 

“We’ll be back as soon as we can.” McCallister promised as he and Reyas walked away, heading back to their apartment. 

“And that’s all he said about it?” Court questioned Duncan from where they sat on the edge of the pool. Both men were dangling their feet in the pool as they watched from a distance everything that was happening at the event.

Duncan nodded as he picked up his drink. A glass of some tropical fruit punch with a strawberry on the top, “Yeah, he wasn’t happy with the whole situation. Frustrated more like.” 

“Poor kid.” Court remarked. He looked at Duncan, “Max, there is one thing I want to say to you.”

“Sure, what is it?” Duncan asked as he sipped at his drink slowly. 

“I know we never expected to find ourselves here, but these last two months…” Court paused as he blushed somewhat. “What I’m trying to say is…I know we’ve been made prisoners on some alien craft and forced to become parents overnight…but it’s really made me think…about us.”

Not sure where Court was going with this, Duncan placed his glass back down and gazed into the eyes of his partner deeply. “In a good way, I take it?” He checked with a smirk. Every time he looked at him, he couldn’t get over just how handsome he was. Even tonight, he wore an almost skin tight black short sleeved top unbuttoned and a pair of white swimming shorts. 

“Of course,” Court agreed. “What I’m trying to get at is…” He took a breath. “…whatever happens, I’m glad we’re here together.”

“I couldn’t agree anymore.” Duncan said with another smirk. “And having the two boys, just makes what we have even better.”

“Definitely.” Court said as he leant in and pulled Duncan into a long passionate kiss. As soon as their lips parted, Duncan kept his right hand holding the back of Court’s head as he looked over his shoulder. “Have you noticed how special the flickering of the lights are tonight?”

Court, who at first appeared completely oblivious to what Duncan had said, smiled at his partner intently. “Babe, they look amazing in your eyes…” He said at first before he noticed the look from Duncan. “Oh, yeah. No, they do look special.” He answered back as he let go of his embrace.

Clamping down on trying not to laugh at how Court had just conducted himself, not realising what Duncan was insinuating, the first officer looked around the event and caught the attention of the captain. Seeing the captain walking out, drenched head to toe in water with a towel around his neck, he was in tow behind his wife. Pleased to see they were getting along tonight, Duncan knew that their plan was now in motion. He was about to say something when he was heckled by two familiar voices disapproving at the display of affection he and Court had just shared. 

“Were you two both making out in front of everyone?” Wylem moaned as he swam over in the pool. 

“That is really embarrassing.” Jorgeh added. “Aren’t you both meant to be senior members?”

Glancing between them and back to Court, Duncan realised he wasn’t going to win this exchange with both of their adopted sons.  He could remember making similar remarks to his own adoptive parents when he was teenager when they showed any affection with one another out in public. Duncan just shrugged his shoulders, showing he had no defence or comeback to Jorgeh’s disgust. 

Court took Duncan’s hand into his. “Sorry guys, but you’re gonna have to get used to this.” He said. 

Rolling his eyes, Wylem shook his head also. “It’s gross.” He stated. “Anyway, is there anything else meant to happen at this party? It’s getting boring.”

“Just wait and see.” Duncan answered. He knew something was going to happen but he couldn’t risk telling either of them right now. “Do you guys want to go down to the beach? We can grab some food and sit there.”

Agreeing with the idea, Court supported the notion. “I heard from Ensign Tchwulkk and Crewmember Demiaht that the beach was designed to change colour in different light.”

Climbing themselves out of the pool, both boys grabbed some towels nearby as they returned back to their adopted dads. “Ensign Tchwulkk would say that, aren’t Hortas meant to like different types of rock?” Wylem stated on their return.

“It doesn’t quite work like that with Hortas.” Duncan answered as he stood up, still holding on to Court’s hand. “That said, Tomaz told me there’s going to be some fireworks later. We should grab a good spot to watch them. Perhaps start a campfire again.”

Placing the towel around his hip, Jorgeh looked a bit confused. “Are we going camping again?”

Duncan laughed and shook his head, “No, we’re just going to make a fire like we had when we went camping, how does that sound?”

Both boys looked at one another and agreed with it. 

Court looked at Duncan, “I’ll go and see if I can get some others to join us. Make a little party out of it. Sound like an idea?”

Carefully reading Court’s expression, Duncan realised that he was starting the next plan. He just nodded as he let go of Court’s hand and headed towards the beach with their sons.  

This whole carefully organised plan required them to take one moment at a time.