USS Odyssey: Like Father Like Son

Trying to keep a low profile since dealing with the Tkon, Captain McCallister's plans for an uneventful mission goes wrong when the ship encounters what appears to be an immense, 2,000-year-old derelict ship drifting but when the crew are kidnapped the ship is left in the most unlikely hands.

Mission Description

Continuing on its mission of exploration near to the border of the Delta and Beta Quadrant, the USS Odyssey comes across what appears to be an ancient starship that appears to have no-one on board. After further investigation they discover an impressive computer system that is caring for a large group of children. The ancient vessel is a generational ship, one that has been using a special piece of technology to keep its children from growing old. Unable to raise all of them, teach them how to look after themselves and develop into the adults it needs, the sophisticated computer kidnaps every adult from the Odyssey to become foster parents to these children. This mass incarceration leaves all of the young people and children stranded on Odyssey without any adult supervision. Unable to return to the ship, Captain McCallister is forced to leave the fate of his crew to those left behind on his ship while becoming a surrogate father to hundreds of other children.

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17 January 2022

Winds of Change

USS Odyssey: Like Father Like Son

“Captain’s log stardate seven-seven-zero-zero-one. Odyssey has been tractored back to Starbase Bravo for immediate repairs and overhaul. Our sudden arrival out of the blue took Starfleet by surprise, as such Rear Admiral Zack Marshall-Bennet will be leading our debriefing. He has already made [...]

17 January 2022

To The Ends Of The Earth

USS Odyssey: Like Father Like Son

Sitting somewhat comfortably in the captain’s chair, Lieutenant Commander Flemen was doing his best to remain cool and calm under the pressure he now found himself under. They were about to engage the Quirennal, he hoped that Captain Horatio McCallister’s plan worked. Looking around the scene [...]

14 January 2022

Mother Nature

USS Odyssey: Like Father Like Son

The sensation of taking complete control of the Quirennal had been an overwhelming one for Captain Jyster. If she had not had her brain waves transferred over to the advanced isomorphic program all those centuries ago, she would never have truly understood what it was like to be complete commander [...]

10 January 2022

By The Flickering Of Lights

USS Odyssey: Like Father Like Son

Jorgeh was lying back on his bed in his room, glaring up at the sky light window on the evening’s fake sunset. Hands behind his head, he remained there rested against them wondering just how much that was around was a forgery. Since coming out of the stasis chambers over two months ago, he had [...]