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Task Force 93 July Report

August 11, 2022

Far From Over…

Captain Henry Maxwell stood there from the control room of the main shuttle bay as the mess below on the flight deck was almost completely cleaned up. The Verity had become the main supply hub for the provisional government of the Velorum Sector during the whole fiasco with the Romulan Star Empire. What happened on board the Verity was that one of the shuttles coming in to get more supplies had a thruster malfunction and crashed into another craft that had been loaded with supplies. The whole incident caused a slight delay, but his crew was able to sort it out so that the shipments would continue as planned.

Lieutenant Akira Rowe stepped up to his side. “We are a little bit behind schedule and slightly short on supplies, but the Sovereign has arrived from the mining station they were sent to and have helped us get right back on track.”

Maxwell nodded his head with a small sigh. “This could have been worse. I am only glad it wasn’t.”

“Surprised no one got hurt,” said Rowe. “We’re going to need to return to the nearest starbase for resupply if we are to continue to assist in the Velorum Sector.”

Maxwell shook his head. “It won’t just be the Velorum Sector, Lieutenant. The fall of the Romulan Star Empire has left many worlds in dire need. No—” Maxwell turned to look directly into her eyes. “This is only just the beginning.”

The Current State of Task Force 93 In-Play

As many of you are aware, Task Force 93’s primary mission is the humanitarian aspect of Bravo Fleet. Our stories can be based on the theme of helping those in need. Task Force 93 is a welcoming helping hand to those worlds in dire need. To others, a necessary shield.

As such, Task Force 93 has a new Priority Mission! Members can use this briefing to write Stories connected to the TF’s narrative and the newest developments in fleet canon:

The Romulan Star Empire’s civil war cast the coreward Beta Quadrant into chaos, with old imperial territories collapsed into the Independent Romulan Factions. Former imperial worlds reliant upon its supply lines have lost that support, and many regions of the former Neutral Zone are likewise feeling the pinch of the great powers looking to defence over aid.

Starships of TF93 are dispatched to the old Romulan Neutral Zone and former RSE worlds in need of support to lend what aid they can. While this includes the usual humanitarian help, providing struggling worlds with badly-needed resources, local supply lines have been gutted. TF93 is urged to find whatever solutions may help these communities become self-sufficient through building infrastructure or facilitating trade.

Task Force 93 has a lot of work ahead of them!

Task Force Updates

The second thing I like to get into is to once again congratulate the members of 93 for their participation in writing, gaming, and competitions during the Fleet Action of Sundered Wings. Their continued efforts of activity and dedication in the fleet have also shown their love and appreciation for waving the banner of the task force in which they serve.

Fiction Updates

Now that the Fleet Action has concluded, most members of Task Force 93 are taking a moment to pause and enjoy reading what others have created. So if you are interested in what the members of TF93 created for the fleet action, then check out the weekly summaries on BFMS.

However, some of you keen enthusiasts have not stopped and below is just small glimmer of what has been shared so far from our fiction commands!

  • USS Sovereign remains in the Velorum Sector to assist Task Force 93’s Flagship, the Verity, in the continued humanitarian efforts throughout the area.
  • USS Sitacus has received her full crew and is now prepared to provide aid and relief to wherever she is sent.
  • USS Achana had completed her mission, and the crew are being reassigned from the Raven-class vessel to a new Reliant-class ship, USS Shepard.
  • USS Norway has come into contact with an unknown creature, which has been not so friendly with the crew. So now Commander Matthews has to trust a captain he doesn’t know to end it.
  • USS Sutherland is one of the newest starships in the fleet as a class of its own, the Sutherland-class. She, too, remains in the Velorum Sector while providing continuous relief efforts to the disconnected worlds formerly controlled by the Romulan Star Empire.

Task Force Recognition

Task Force 93 did incredibly well during the Sundered Wings fleet action. In case you missed them on Discord, here are the latest awards and promotions to our members. Well done everyone!

Awards Meritorious Service Cross Medal of Achievement

Star Cross

Legion of Merit


It is great to see everyone working hard to achieve those next ranks, so since the last report, here are the promotions that have taken place. Again, congratulations to everyone!

Promotion to Cadet Sophomore Grade

Promotion to Lieutenant

Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

Promotion to Commander

Promotion to Captain


Now as we move forward, post-FA, I’d like to just say that being the Commanding Officer of Task Force 93 has been quite the learning experience but is something I enjoy. The opportunities for Task Force 93’s own lore development are now so vast. The loss of the Romulan Star Empire and the gain of the Independent Romulan Factions means that the current Priority Mission for Task Force 93 will undoubtedly be put to the test. I am sure that we are all looking forward to seeing what stories the members of 93 will come up with! Let’s do Bravo Fleet proud!