Sovereign-class • NCC-73811 • Task Force 86

“Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. 

So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Sovereign’s opening theme if she had one…

The USS Sovereign is the first of its class, launched in the year 2369. Although she was launched before the war with the Dominion broke out, she was not involved too much in it. She was mainly involved in Diplomatic Relations with various powers but at any point that she did have to defend herself from the Dominion, she proved her worth in combat effectiveness. But that is not at all the most important thing about the Sovereign.

This vessel was the most advanced vessel in the fleet in her time and she was intended to replace the Galaxy Class. The Sovereign herself has served in many diplomatic missions, where she has transported distinguished ambassadors and even served as a place for neutral ground between two separate species in an attempt of establishing peace. Over the course of many years, the Sovereign had traveled to many Federation worlds to ensure that Starfleet and the Federation will return to normal operations after the war with the Dominion.

To prove that point, the Sovereign engaged in its first five-year mission, exploring uncharted territory and meeting new civilizations. Although, after the five-year mission, the Sovereign remained in Federation Space in preparedness for the unfortunate events that were falling on the Romulan Star Empire. When the time came, the Sovereign made many trips to gather as many as they could and relocate them safely, until the attack on Mars.

Now, the Year is 2400. The Sovereign is up to spec and loaded with the latest technologies in Starfleet. With a new crew, she is ready to return to the stars and resume her duty. Follow these adventures, where the Sovereign will encounter the unknown, face off new and old enemies, suffer horrible fates and represent Starfleet at its best.

These are the voyages….

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3 November 2022

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USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

With his fingernail, he dug between some of his teeth, to pick away the remaining pieces of meat that got stuck between them. It was a slight annoyance when you enjoy a good meal after a long trek across these sectors, and as you run your tongue over the backs of your teeth, you find debris and [...]

3 November 2022

M1-Campaign Ch2: Tip from the locals

USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

Just before crossing through the Barzan Wormhole. To recap from the eyes and thoughts of Captain Maxwell. Just several hours ago, Maxwell had boarded the Sovereign, and relieved former Captain Vakai, former Lieutenant Commander Sivol, and Lieutenant Commander Sucil of their positions. He has no [...]

1 November 2022

M1-Campaign Ch1: Race Against Time

USS Sovereign: Race Against Time

Opening Post to Sovereign’s Campaign Mission – Race Against Time Act 1 Sovereign was among many vessels of the Fourth Fleet, all that waited patiently for the Barzan Wormhole to open. There were other vessels of Task Force 93 that held stationary near the Sovereign but one of the more prominent [...]

16 October 2022

We just got the damn thing!

USS Sovereign: Behind the Scenes

A Type-14 Shuttlecraft lifted off the main shuttle bay hangar deck on the Luna-class starship and slowly departed through the forcefield. Once clear, the craft’s speed began to pick up as it banked hard to starboard-ventral to dive under the canopy of the drydock and be free in open space. [...]