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USS Achana (NCC-88001)

Primarily serving in rescue and humanitarian assignments, this vessel will be put under the command of a rising Commander as a primer for receiving her own command; additionally, it will be where a Romulan Republic exchange officer gets her first taste of Starfleet service.


Raven-class • NCC-88001 • Task Force 93

A small Raven-class corvette, the Achana’s primary duties are to perform rescue and humanitarian missions while operating out of Starbase Bravo, usually in concert with other Raven-classes or larger Starfleet vessels.

Achana is currently commanded by Lt. Commander Jimena Pavlichenko, and is serving as a primer for leading a larger starship in the future.

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13 May 2022

First meetings

USS Achana: Stepping out

The newly-commissioned Ensign Tallera watched from her window seat on the Starfleet transport shuttle as the other passengers made their way aboard.  In truth, she wasn’t just excited to get onto her first starship assignment, but to leave this planet in particular as well. While the [...]