Sovereign-class • NCC-74877

“It takes a planet to explore the universe.” — Dylan Taylor


The USS Valkyrie (NCC-74877) is a Sovereign-class exploratory cruiser under the exceptional command of Captain Gabriel Jackson. The eighth ship in a long history to bear the name, and the most advanced of its brethren. The successor to the Galaxy-class USS Valkyrie lost during the Borg Incursions of the 2360s, the current iteration was commissioned in June of 2347, and assigned to the Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group. The Valkyrie is fresh out of its four month long refit at Avalon Fleet yards, she now features the latest in technological innovations and systems.

Primarily a deep space exploration ship and tactical aid ship that explores deep space as well as tactical assistance to whoever needs it. The Valkyrie may also conduct humanitarian, and SAR missions whenever needed. The Valkyrie is well suited toprovide logistical support for elements of the task force when required in conjunctionwith her own exploration duties.

Looking to make a name for themselves in the grand halls of history, the crew and its captain are setting out to create the foundation of their legacies. With the ship currently operating along the Federation’s southern border, she is tasked with completing border patrols, escort missions, and the occasional exploration mission. While Valkyrie is more suited for complex tactical missions, what she will find along her journey will put her crew and her captain to the test…

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RPG Rating 2 2 2

Content on this command is rated at 222 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Mild swearing, occasional violence, and sexual innuendo may be present. It is intended for all audiences.

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Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2468
Executive Officer
ID: 2443
Chief Engineering Officer
ID: 2063
Chief Tactical / Security Officer
ID: 2199
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 2765
Chief Science Officer
ID: 324
Diplomatic Officer / Operations Officer
ID: 2688
Chief Operations Officer
ID: 352
Chief Counselor
ID: 2473
Chief Flight Control Officer
ID: 2208
Science Officer
ID: 2765
Chief Petty Officer
ID: 324
Commanding Officer Deep Space 419
ID: 2208
Open Position
Deputy Department Heads
Open Position
Command Division Member
Open Position
Operations Division Member
Open Position
Sciences Division Member

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12 April 2024

The Engine's Heart

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

Captain Fontana walked slowly down the hallway outside Main Engineering.  His reticence had everything to do with someone else in another life.  He reflected on the lost of Ambrose Harris and his history with the captain.  Ambrose had been an engineer at heart from his past before he [...]

12 April 2024

From the Brink

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

Captain Fontana sat at his ready-room desk. The clock continued to count down to their arrival at Deep Space 419. He’d done a quick review of the station’s commanding officer. She was an interesting case of the intersection of talent and challenge. That she had been placed in command of the [...]

12 April 2024

Once a Pilot, Always a Pilot

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

Fontana continued on his mission to meet each department head as quickly as he could before they reached the system. He was making progress, but it wasn’t the way he wanted.  He’d have preferred a lazy day in the docks working with each of them in groups.  There was a chance for the [...]

9 April 2024

A Diplomatic Opening

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

“You have a diplomatic officer still to go, sir.”  The Yeoman stood in his ready room, her PADD full of crossed-off names, details, to-dos, and reports still needed from some of the senior staff. Captain Fontana glanced over his list.  He’d somehow missed him in the rapid-fire [...]