USS Hathaway (NCC-92904)

A routine training exercise turns into a disaster for Hathaway when a solar flare plays havoc with ships systems.


Sagan-class • NCC-92904

Third in the lineage of vessels to bear the name, the USS Hathaway NCC-92904 (Sagan-class) is a highly versatile, state-of-the-art exploration vessel widely considered to be one of the most advanced starships in the service of the Federation. The immediate successor to the Cheyenne-class USS Hathaway lost during the Dominion War of the 2370’s, the current iteration is fresh out of the shipyards at Starbase Bravo following her exploits in the Deneb sector conflict and is currently assigned to the command of Captain Romaes Anjin.


Looking to make a name for themselves in the annals of history, the crew are a mixture of fresh-faced youngsters excelling in their fields of study, and wily veterans looking for an opportunity to cement their legacies. With the ship currently operating out of Deep Space 17 in the Typhon Frontier, she is tasked with exploring an area of space ripe for scientific exploration and missions of a first-contact nature. While Hathaway is more than suited for the complex missions that no other crew or ship are capable of, far beyond the red line of space previously explored, what she will find along her journey will test the crew to their limits…


These are the voyages of the Starship Hathaway…



RPG Rating 222

Swearing, sexual content and violence are permitted, with some limitations.
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12 May 2024

Alert: Condition One

USS Hathaway: Episode 1: Breathless Skies

Mason fidgeted with the pips on his collar as he attempted to straighten them out in the reflection of the turbolift control panel. He ordinarily was always at least fifteen minutes early to all of his shifts, but today he was running a little late, and would probably not get to his station but [...]

21 April 2024

A Ferengi on the Starboard Bow

USS Hathaway: Episode 1: Breathless Skies

Captain’s log, supplemental.   Hathaway has dropped out of warp outside of the Kanaan system, almost three hours ahead of schedule. I’ve decided to take the opportunity to conduct a series of tests of new and improved systems, including the new launch procedures for the fighter squadron. [...]

21 April 2024

Knocked up, I mean around

USS Hathaway: Episode 1: Breathless Skies

The fighter was in better shape than Ema was right now. Testing out the new refitted fighters and working out the kinks before more than their lives hung in the balance was imperative. The leak from the port thruster had finally opened up enough that the thruster stopped working [...]

21 April 2024

A Clumsy End

USS Hathaway: Episode 1: Breathless Skies

Ay’dar and Ephriam had been in the marksmanship simulation for over an hour now and Ephriam felt as though it might as well have been ten with how he was feeling. Ay’dar seemed to be in his glory and as though he could keep going forever. This whole session though had confirmed for Ephriam that [...]