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Profile Overview

Kriana Popples

3/4 Human 1/4 Klingon Cisgender woman


Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Popples


USS Hathaway


Kriana Popples

2 August 2377


Kriana is moody, rebellious and powerful with a sharp wit. She’s very fun and loves a good time but lacks any real motivation or direction. She’s happy to be alongside her wife Fearne who keeps her stable and fulfilled, wherever it is that Fearne may be assigned.


Kriana is very pretty but often wears a slight scowl which, alongside her Klingon ridges, is often hidden under lots of dark, straight hair. She’s quite punk in style, liking ripped, dark clothing and lots of leather. She’s around 5’6″ and around 130lbs, although often stands taller as she nearly always wears heels.


Kriana is what you might call fiery. She’s got plenty of neurosis around being disrespected but is kind enough and a good laugh generally. She often keeps her real feelings close to her chest, and thus can appear a little fake. She is only really one hundred percent genuine around her wife, Fearne.


Kriana is the niece of a prominent Klingon diplomat who was her ward growing up. Aggression between the Federation, Cardassian Union and Sovereignty of Kahless kept her moving around constantly. She has suffered a lot of hate and mistrust in her life, not much love and not much stability. She married Crewman Fearne Popples in 2400.

Kriana created her own cocktail called the quvHa’ (‘Dishonored’) in 2400. Served in a conical glass with a dainty stem, it is a deep blush-orange-coloured liquid. A menacing thread of blood-red swirls about the ice cubes. Attached to the rim, a slice of an orange-like fruit carved into the silhouette of a bat’leth. It contains a few ingredients known only to Kriana including Blood Wine and Na’ran.  The experience is almost like drinking sweet mulled wine but fresher and a tad sour. It’s a very well-balanced drink. There’s brandy, sweet fruit, spice, a hint of tartness and just a touch of umami.