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Profile Overview

Commission by JonM.

Romaes Anjin

Bajoran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Romaes


Commanding Officer
USS Hathaway


Romaes Anjin


Kendra Province, Bajor


A child of the Cardassian occupation of his homeworld, born into the resistance movement, only to become a refugee and guest of the United Federation of Planets, Romaes Anjin is a role model to all Bajoran’s who serve. Thriving under the pressure of being a Captain in Starfleet, Romaes is a dedicated and loyal servant. Ruthless and calculating with a keen strategic eye developed through many theatres of war and exploration, Romaes is an experienced, efficient and respected leader.


A male of his species, Anjin is of average height but is surprisingly stocky for a male specimen. At a distance, nothing really stands out about this particular five foot nine inches, one hundred- and eighty-three-pounds Starfleet Officer, but when you look closely, the details show. He wears his blonde hair short and styled – the same can be said of his stubble covered chin. The man’s eyes show warmth and passion but look deeper and they hide the pain of years gone by and the struggle to come to terms with a lifetime of loss. His body is covered in scars from wounds left to heal as attestation to the many trials he has gone through in his lifetime. As a constant reminder of how far he has come, Anjin proudly wears a uniform that is always in pristine condition, no creases, no stray fibres and certainly no dirt. His boots are constantly shined, as is his earring which he wears on his right ear as a symbol of his faith in the Prophets, and as a link to his past d’jarra. Perhaps his most noticeable physical feature, as with all of his kind, are the five nose creases that clearly indicate that Romaes Anjin is a proud Bajoran.

Commission by JonM.

Commission by JonM.


Like many of the Romaes clan, Anjin is a passionate man, keen to hold on to his beliefs and savours his emotions. He is jovial and surprisingly enlightened for a man of such strong beliefs. He has followed in the family line, keen to build on the proud military legacy of his forbearers. Friendly, well-mannered and talkative, he is able to put even the most intense of people at ease. He is passionate about his beliefs and anyone who questions the will of the prophets is liable to receive the most painful of tongue lashings. Laid back and carefree off duty, his attitude changes the minute he dons his uniform.

Anjin thrives under pressure and is dedicated to Starfleet. In stark contrast to his personal life, when he is on duty, Anjin is both ruthless and calculating with a keen strategic eye. Due to years of service in some of the most trying theatres of war and exploration, Anjin has become the experienced, efficient and popular leader that his parents always wished him to be, commanding the utmost respect of all who serve under his command.

A career in strategic operations and command circles has seen Anjin develop into a fearsome tactician, a talented diplomat and a master strategist. With several first contact missions under his belt, Captain Romaes has also negotiated peace treaties and trade deals between implacable enemies whilst proudly following the mandate of peaceful, scientific exploration. Events in the 2380’s, namely the destruction of Utopia Planitia, saw the Captain lose many a colleague and even question his desire to remain in Starfleet. Only playing a role in the relocation of many a Romulan refugee saw his passion to serve restored. Now, over 10 years since the destruction of Romulas, the Bajoran is keen to demonstrate his strengths in the exploration of the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant.

Anjin was one of the first Bajoran’s to join Starfleet. He one day aspires to ascend the proverbial ladder of command, but not until he is too old to gallop around the cosmos.

Food is a passion of his and he enjoys nothing more than cooking for his friends and colleagues. He shares an interest in literature and archaic Bajoran music forms. Like most of his family, Anjin likes to eat. Romulan Osol twists and Jumja sticks are his favorites. His beverage of choice is the aromatic Kali-fal. Because he likes to eat, he can often be found exercising and keeping fit in order to stay in shape. He is a lover of music and fine art.


Born to the Romaes family in the year 2356 in a small farmhouse in the Kendra Province, Anjin was the only child of Tal and Kial. The Romaes family were one of just twelve families allowed to retain their land during the Cardassian Occupation, on the condition that all crops and produce were given to the Cardassians. As a result, the family were seen by many as collaborators. Underground however, the Romaes family helped only long enough to guarantee their son’s future. When he was just three years old in 2359, Romaes Anjin and two other children from his village (Jenia and Sandar) were escorted from Bajor on a transport ship with only Kial Romaes as a parental influence – their parent’s and joined Tal in the Bajoran Resistance.

Almost two weeks after leaving Bajor, the transport arrived at its destination – the planet Betazed – deep within Federation space. The children kept in regular contact with their families via couriers, and whilst their family members struggled against Cardassian oppression, the three children received Federation schooling and were brought up to hold true to the Bajoran faith whilst also believing in the ideals of the Federation.

When the children reached the tender age of 16, Jenia and Sandar opted to remain on Betazed and continue schooling with a view to becoming members of Starfleet. Anjin, had other ideas. Seeking to find his mother and father once more, the young Bajoran returned to Bajor in 2372. When he arrived at Bajor, Anjin found nothing but sorrow. The family home had been burned to the ground, and records showed that his parents had been killed in the Galetep prison camp. The reasoning behind their imprisonment, which had been corroborated by Bajoran’s some years after, indicated that his parents had been responsible for several bombings and even the assassinations of Cardassian occupiers. He had never sought violence, and to find out that his loved ones had been so violent (even in pursuit of an admirable goal) hit the young Bajoran hard. He opted to join the Bajoran Militia, which was now a mere security force patrolling Bajoran worlds and working on Deep Space Nine as a member of the security detachment there. He served on the First Minister’s protection team on Bajor until late 2373 when, just before the outbreak of the Dominion War, he transferred to work aboard Deep Space Nine as a member of the station’s security personnel under Constable Odo.

When DS9 was evacuated of Starfleet personnel in early 2374, Anjin remained behind with all of his Bajoran colleagues. Much to his dismay, Anjin had not only become embroiled in conflict for the first time but was now working with the same people who had imprisoned his parents and killed countless more Bajorans. Thankfully, just months later, the station was returned to Federation hands after the success of Operation Return. Anjin saw out the remainder of the war on Deep Space Nine as one of the Constable’s most able deputies. Soon after the armistice was signed and he returned to Bajor, Anjin was promoted to First Lieutenant and later, Major, whilst serving as one of several advisors to the Provisional Government, dealing with all matters to do with the Militia. He had demonstrated a keen eye for politics in recent times and was, to his surprise, quite accurate about when, and how, Bajor’s admittance into the Federation would take place. As a keen observer, Anjin developed quite the flair for politics and diplomacy, so much so that he was offered a post in the First Minister’s cabinet following the Bajoran elections in early 2382, but he declined in order to oversee the successful integration of the Bajoran Militia forces into Starfleet following Bajor’s eventual admittance into the Federation, which was not an easy task for anyone to undertake. With his job complete and the Bajoran Militia officially disbanded, Anjin humbly applied for his own commission with Starfleet. Acceptance of his request was received in late 2382 resulting in Major Romaes Anjin becoming Lieutenant Romaes Anjin, a Strategic Operations officer in Starfleet.

Anjin assumed his first role as Strategic Operations Officer with the 5th fleet and was most notably part of two successful first contact missions and the rescue of a stricken Cardassian Freighter in the Velos System during his first tour as a Starfleet Officer.

Less than three years into his new career, Anjin had travelled to Earth for a special meeting as a response to yet another dramatic event in the history of the quadrant. It had been discovered that a Romulan star would soon turn supernova, destroying the planets Romulus and Remus as well as dozens of others, and killing at least nine hundred million Romulans. After a series of tense negotiations, the Romulan Star Empire had requested aid from the United Federation of Planets, and Admiral Jean-Luc Picard convinced Starfleet to mobilize a massive rescue armada — “ten thousand warp-capable ferries” — to aid in the evacuation efforts. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Romaes joined the Admiral’s team and worked on the implementation of this massive operation. A humanitarian mission of such scope, despite the political pressures from several worlds on the outer rim of Federation space, was exactly the kind of work Romaes had joined Starfleet to be part of.

The armada was being constructed at Utopia and in orbit of Mars when, on First Contact Day, multiple A500 synthetic androids at Utopia Planitia suddenly went rogue. They lowered the deflector shields protecting the shipyards and the planet itself and hacked the Martian defense net. Moments thereafter, numerous synth ships began targeting the rescue armada, the Utopia Planitia Shipyards, and the Mars Orbital Facility. The satellite network surrounding Mars was turned against the surface and the synths began bombarding the surface, igniting flammable vapors in the stratosphere and causing massive damage to the planet’s infrastructure.

Commander Romaes, who had been at a meeting on one of the orbiting facilities at the time, could do nothing but watch, unable to prevent the destruction of almost the entire surface of the Martian planet. When the call came for the nearby USS Proxima to be activated, Romaes volunteered to join a quick gathering of officers who boarded the Nebula-class starship and, as acting second officer, he helped get the ship out of dock. Although the Proxima was only able to offer scant offence, she was able to destroy three of the attacking Synth vessels before the attack was over. In the aftermath of the devastation, initial reports estimated that over three thousand had been killed, but eventually the death toll was revised to 92,143 in total – a number that would be seared into the mind of the Commander and all others who had been present. It was a devastating attack at the heart of the Federation, made worse by the fact that it could not be determined how or why the synths went rogue. It was also an attack that put paid to months of work on the rescue armada. The destruction of the Romulan rescue armada left the relief operation in tatters, leading Admiral Picard to submit a plan to replace the lost ships with mothballed vessels from Beta Antares Shipyards and the 40 Eridani Starfleet Construction Yards, and to crew them with officers from his operation, such as Romaes himself. Alas, the Federation, advised by the commanders of Starfleet, rejected the revised operation and abandoned its promise to aid the Romulan evacuation, a decision that shocked Picard, and caused dozens of resignations among his staff. With their mission in tatters, Romaes found himself cruelly reassigned as Strategic Operations Officer for a task force sent to patrol and secure the border against any possible incursions into Federation space.

Over a year went by until Romaes was forced to watch in horror again as the disaster that had been predicted unfolded much sooner than anyone had anticipated. The Hobus Star, located deep into Romulan Territory, did indeed go supernova, causing a massive shockwave that destroyed several key planets, effectively decimating the entire Empire. The Starfleet forces along the border were on high alert as the tragedy unfolded, with officers like Romaes standing, waiting, for permission to render aid. Eventually, to their relief, the order was received and several early relief missions along the former Neutral Zone took place. Romaes helped to coordinate events aboard the starship Thesis, dealing with many a Romulan in the course of his duties. But less than a month after the shocking event, the Romulans ordered Starfleet forces assisting them to leave Romulan space. With relations at an all-time low, and the Empire in tatters, the Thesis was reduced to border patrols and escort duties that felt like a return to the 2360’s, when the Empire first came out of isolation. Just over a decade since the end of the Dominion War, the quadrant had changed beyond recognition.

In the years that followed, Romaes earned quite a reputation as he used all of his influence to work with those Romulan refugees who had made it to Federation space, and helped to establish several colonies where Federation and Romulan citizens would live together. 

In February of 2390, Commander Romaes Anjin was headhunted by the commanding officer of the USS Polaris, Captain Ihaab al-Bari, to serve aboard the prototype of the Polaris-class as his first officer, but also his strategic operations officer. al-Bari and Anjin immediately gelled, with the latter quickly becoming a trusted advisor and confidant for the Captain. Upon the completion of his four year tour with the Polaris, al-Bari recommended the Bajoran for command of the USS Solaria upon the promotion and reassignment of the ship’s Captain, Commodore Makayla Perin. With Perin transferring to command Deep Space 10, and most of her senior staff joining her, Starfleet concurred with al-Bari’s recommendation, appointing Romaes as the commanding officer of the aging Galaxy-class vessel. With the Polaris-class designed to be a successor to the Galaxy, many would have seen such an assignment as a step backward given the ship’s aging spaceframe and the damage she sustained during many years of service – but not Romaes. Romaes was acutely aware of the ship’s proud history, even from before its service during the war and subsequent operations across the home quadrants. To the Bajoran, serving as commander of the Solaria was a privilege.

A career in strategic operations and command circles had seen Anjin develop into a fearsome tactician, a talented diplomat and a master strategist. With a growing reputation to boot, the Captain was entrusted with some of the most important missions in recent times, conducting first contact negotiations with the Ash’Voro, the Nisea and the T’Kreshians all before he had even been in command for two years. By the time of his 4th anniversary in command, Romaes had also negotiated peace treaties and trade deals between implacable enemies whilst proudly following the mandate of peaceful, scientific exploration, but the best was yet to come. In late 2397, Solaria had stopped off at Deep Space 9 when the Captain was ordered to report to the Starfleet Headquarters for the Beta Antares sector on his homeworld of Bajor. It had been over a decade since he had returned home, and to do so now was just the refresher he needed.

After a short break, the Captain reported to Starbase One to take command of a new command, the Sovereign-class USS Atlantia. Over the next few years, Atlantia would be on the frontlines of every major event; most significantly, she led an evacuation of several ships caught in the dangerous Century Storm, assisted with border tensions during the Romulan coup against the Star Empire of Rator, and also took over duties abandoned by vessels involved in the late 2400 blood dilithium crisis. On the eve of 2401, Atlantia was ordered to Deep Space 17, where Romaes was removed from command and took on a new posting.

His posting saw him serve as deputy commander of Task Force 17 of the Fourth Fleet, before later assuming the role of commanding officer following the departure of Captain Andreus Kohl.

Following a short stay of his own in the role, and with Fleet Captain Nazir moving on from command of the Hathaway to assume command of Lakota Squadron, Captain Romaes assumed command of the Sagan-class starship during its repair and refit cycle after the conflict in the Deneb region.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Commanding Officer USS Hathaway (Sagan-class)
2401 Task Force 17 Commanding Officer Deep Space 17
2400 - 2401 Task Force 17 Executive Officer Deep Space 17
2397 - 2400 Commanding Officer USS Atlantia (Sovereign-class)
2394 - 2397 Commanding Officer USS Solaria (Galaxy-class)
2390 - 2394 Executive Officer USS Polaris (Polaris-class)
2387 - 2390 Executive Officer USS Thesis (Inquiry-class)
2385 - 2387 Strategic Operations Officer USS Proxima (Nebula-class)
Lieutenant Commander
2384 - 2385 Strategic Operations Officer Spacedock
Lieutenant Commander
2382 - 2384 Strategic Operations Officer 5th Fleet, Various Postings