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Game Rules

We welcome applicants from across the fleet, with a range of experience, so long as you are a talented, active writer who can positively contribute to our RPG. Potential applicants are advised to join the discord server prior to submitting any application to join the RPG. There, the existing command team will discuss any potential character you might create, and ensure that you fit in with our current team of writers. We are a close bunch with the same interests, and we encourage people to join us only if they are able to be an active and friendly member of our community. If we feel you would be a welcome fit for the team, we will extend a formal invitation for you to submit an application to join us.
Whilst we endeavour to work with all applicants in the pursuit of a satisfactory outcome for all, we do reserve the right not to extend an invitation to anyone who doesn’t follow this process, or we feel wouldn’t fit with our current team.
Activity Plan
The USS Hathaway is an active game which expects at least two posts per player per month, and we hope to maintain a crew of between six and ten players for a range of between 12 and 20 posts per month. These will be a mix of joint and solo posts, spread over approximately three missions per year. We reserve the right to revisit these activity requirements at any point and will do so in full consultation with the team.
If you feel unable to adhere to these activity requirements, please contact the command team who will be happy to liaise with you on the matter.
We operate with a rating of 222 to cater to an older audience. This rating allows depictions of violence and swearing which we will use sporadically but wish to have the option to explore. Whilst our players have shown no desire to write any sexual content or nudity, we reserve the right to change our opinion as our character relationships develop.