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Profile Overview

Emagyn Morgen

Human Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ema or Emm


Squadron Deputy Leader
USS Hathaway


Emagyn Maria Morgen

July 21 2365

New France colony


Emagyn is the current assistant squadron leader. Coming up from the hard way in the enlisted ranks, Ema returned to school to complete her degree and flight school.

Mustang applies as she came up through the ranks the hard way. Becoming enlisted, she excelled and eventually became restless again. Applying for a recent opening at the Starfleet Officer Candidate school, she was accepted and turned in her Petty Officer Pips for the Ensign version.


Johann Morgen- father- 71

Teresa Meyer – mother- 66




Current pet: Rover Cleveland


Born of mixed human heritage, Emagyn has fair skin, auburn hair, and green eyes. Standing just under two meters, Ema has an average build. She does have to watch her food but maintain her figure and build for the cockpit. A disarming smile and green eyes that have laser focus.  Usually only the most basic makeup if any.

Unless she was arm-deep in her fighter maintenance cycle, Ema liked to maintain a neat appearance. If she was active, it was all business of jeans, coveralls, and boots; outside of duty, she dressed up if the occasion demanded. Jeans were still preferred.


Friendly but not outgoing, Emagyn is reserved when she meets new people. It can take a while for her to open up.  Her nature is laid back, but taking that as a sign of weakness could be a mistake. Waiting for an opening is something fighter pilots learn if they are good.

Tolerant of many things, laziness and ignorance are two of her push buttons. While she is polite, it can also easily set her off when engaged.

Emagyn’s patience, along with a naturally empathic attitude, is her normal personality. Mistrust and dereliction will show her determination and ferocity. Treat me like you want to be treated, or else.


Growing up on the outskirts of the New France colony, life was an education. She had loving parents, siblings, schooling, and yet the pace of life on what Emagyn would now call “the middle of nowhere” chafed at her even at a young age.

The illusion of life in the Federation was that yes, you lacked for nothing basic, but the extra wants that made life worth enjoying didn’t materialize in her imagination. After finishing primary schooling, Emagyn could usually be found in the shed, taking things apart for examination.

Initially, it had gotten her into trouble, but as she matured, she soon fixed so many items around the colony that she became good at it.

Nearby farms had agricultural aircraft that needed constant maintenance. Her father, an aircraft master crew chief, helped her by allowing her time with him, learning how to do things properly. Channeling her energy into the work, her love of anything that flew grew exponentially.  Emagym built a small experimental simulation space for recreational flying to learn flight control. Initially, she installed children’s flight games, but soon, she swapped to realistic control modules, pedals, and an all-glass cockpit. While it didn’t count as logged hourly flight time, it helped her familiarize herself with the world of atmospheric flight.

While becoming proficient at the required certification for aircraft, by the time she was 15, she had her complete civilian shuttle pilot’s license and the crew chief level 1 as well.

Her parents knew she had a restless soul and encouraged her to grow within her boundaries. Soon, even that wasn’t even, and at 17, she asked for permission to enter Starfleet Academy. Her parents agreed after her Father convinced her mother. It all turned out for naught. She had passed all the exams and had good scores, but only so many slots existed.  Deciding not to wait, she went to the nearest recruiter and signed up for the Enlisted Training Program.

Hobbies: Antique aircraft, mechanical systems, metal smithing, precious metals, and jewelry.
Schutzhund competitions (Tracking, obedience, and protection)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 - 2385 Shuttlecraft specialist USS Crazy Horse
Crewman Recruit
2386 - 2392 Shuttlecraft assistant crewchief Starbase 74
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2393 - 2395 Starfleet Academy Officer's Candidate School San Francisco
Petty Officer 1st Class
2396 - 2399 Squadron pilot Starbase 375
2399 - 2401 Assistant Squadron Leader USS Hathaway