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Profile Overview

Dr. Selara

Denobulan Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Selara


Chief Medical Officer
USS Hathaway



September 20, 2369



Dr. Selara is a cheerful and generally optimistic Denobulan. She uses her skills of compassion and empathy to form deep bonds both personally and professionally. Inspired by Denobulan tradition, Selara joined Starfleet to honor its charter to “seek out new life and new civilizations”. She strives to learn all she can about different species, preferring to spend her time researching them.


Dr. Selara possesses the characteristic features of her Denobulan heritage, including facial ridges and expressive facial features. She typically wears a blue medical coat over her Starfleet uniform. Selara will occasionally add small touches with colorful accessories and jewelry.

While off-duty, Selara wears simple, utilitarian clothing with muted tones. She prefers people to first notice her demeanor rather than her clothing. Selara has been known to dress up, and isn’t opposed to it, she simply doesn’t feel the need.


Selara carries the typical Denobulan cheerfulness and optimism in her daily life. She uses this to disarm patients and release the tension present in a situation. Selara approaches her work with meticulous attention to detail and a deep sense of empathy for those in her charge. She has a deep respect for a patient’s autonomy and considers it binding. In her daily life, Selara considers herself a compassionate and attentive listener. She uses these skills to understand her patients’ concerns and fears, offering reassurance and support during difficult times.


Born on the Denobula, Dr. Selara grew up surrounded by a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and scientific inquiry. Inspired by the Denobulan tradition of lifelong learning and exploration, Selara embarked on a career in medicine, determined to use her skills to make a difference in the universe.

After completing her medical training on Denobula, Selara joined Starfleet, drawn by the opportunity to further expand her horizons and medical knowledge. Selara’s interest in xenobiology led her to take an assignment as a medical officer aboard the USS Asteria.

Aboard the Asteria, Selara thrived in the dynamic environment of space exploration, applying her skills to address a wide range of medical challenges encountered during the ship’s voyages. Whether treating injuries sustained during away missions to uncharted planets or conducting research on newly discovered alien species, Selara absorbed the experiences like a sponge.

Rising through the ranks aboard the Norway-class vessel, Selara eventually became the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Although she loved the the sense of camaraderie aboard the Asteria, Selara wanted more out of her Starfleet service. When the Chief Medical Officer position aboard the USS Hathaway became available, Selara knew it was a rare opportunity for deep-space exploration aboard a more advanced ship.





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