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USS Pioneer (Archive)

Fourth Fleet

“Curiosity is the essence of our existence.”
– Gene Cernan

The U.S.S. Pioneer (NCC-74657), one of the first Intrepid-class ships constructed, was launched in 2372 and served with distinction during the Dominion War, triumphing in several engagements over the course of the war. Following the Dominion surrender in 2375, the Pioneer was reassigned to do what it was designed to do: exploration. After being saved from mothballs in 2400 and undergoing a year long retrofit, the Pioneer, now under the command of Captain Kosev Thiren, resumes its mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

This story is rated:

RPG Rating 2 2 2

for content, which equates to roughly a 16+ rating.
Artwork on this command is by Jetfreak-7.
Avatars are personal commissions, or from Sci-Fi Avatars.
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Pathfinder Long-Range Exploration Division

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2 August 2023

AFC - Chapter 3

USS Pioneer: A Frontier Celebration

Kosev blinked a few times as he started to come around, groggy and putting his hand to his head as he struggled, “Wh… what happened..” He tried to sit up but couldn't find the strength to pull himself up, and instead relented and laid back down. Lukas came over to him from across the junction [...]

24 July 2023

AFC - Chapter 2

USS Pioneer: A Frontier Celebration

After Kyth and the rest of the younger crew members spoke those chilling words, Savar immediately spoke up and said, “Dr. Ryan, move away from Ensign Nakav.” The doctor looked back at the first officer, then nodded and took a few steps back. Tali also sprung into action, and said to the [...]

24 July 2023

AFC - Chapter 1

USS Pioneer: A Frontier Celebration

Cassian shifted his comm badge, trying to make it as straight as possible, as he hurried down the corridor to the mess hall for the Frontier Day festivities. He knew he was over fifteen minutes late, but his last counseling session ran a bit late and couldn't have been helped, and now he was doing [...]

12 July 2023

MW - Chapter 3

USS Pioneer: Mending Wounds

“Shall we proceed to Sickbay, Captain?” Savar asked as they both stepped into the turbolift. Kosev turned to his first officer and shook his head slightly, then ordered the computer to instead take them to deck six. He looked to the Vulcan and said, “No, I want to check on Cassian first and [...]