Profile Overview

Kosev Thiren

Andorian Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Thiren


Commanding Officer
USS Malinche


Kosev Thiren

Stardate 36319.33 (Age: 42)



Kosev, adopted and raised by human parents after his own parents died in the Dominion War, initially didn’t of himself as the Starfleet type. His adopted family had a house on both Earth and Andoria, which they moved between every other year. After his early schooling was completed, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do with the rest of his life until he met someone who would eventually turn into a life long friend while also steering him towards a life in the service. Persuaded to join Starfleet after all, Kosev put everything he had into his career, focused and determined to become one of the legendary captains of his time.


Physical Appearance
Height: 6′ 3″, 191cm
Weight: 195 lbs, 88 kgs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Brown/Black

Physical Description

Kosev stands tall and has great posture, rarely ever leaning or slouching. Standing in at 191 centimeters, he is considered average, if not slightly tall for males of his species. He has short white hair that he always keeps neatly groomed and brown/black eyes. He isn’t too overly muscular, but he definitely spends his fair share of time keeping himself in peak physical condition. Though not your typical Andorian that loves a good fight, he keeps himself ready for one should the need ever arise.


Kosev can easily be described as one of the most caring, trusting, yet also ruthlessly stern captain’s in the fleet. Contrary to popular opinion, he isn’t overly aggressive and never enters into a situation without first thinking through every contingency. When the times call for it, he does have a very ridged mean streak that often surprises people as he usually never shows this side of himself, though his temper is usually always justified in response to the given situation and never reactionary. Kosev is one of the best friends you could ever ask for; he’s thoughtful, caring, and remembers the small details that ordinary people would dismiss out of hand. He also has a great sense of humor, and enjoys spending his free time with his crew, something that most captains usually tend not to do.


Early Life

Kosev was born on Andoria to parents who were beyond excited to welcome their first child into the world. Both of his parents were in Starfleet and unanimously decided to take reassignments to postings on Andoria, as raising a child on their home world was very important to them. When the Dominion War broke out, his parents had no choice but to answer the call of duty given the severe crew shortages, resuming their positions on board starships to go and fight in the war.

Having no other choice and no other living relatives, Kosev was sent to live with his human godparents and close family friends who lived on Earth. That was the last time he ever saw his parents alive as the ships they served on were both destroyed during a fleet engagement with Dominion and Cardassian forces.

With Kosev now living with his human foster parents, they did the best they could raising him and even got a second home on Andoria so they could spend half the year between each of the planets so Kosev wouldn’t lose his heritage and friends. It was a rough adjustment for a young man to lose his parents, but he knew they died fighting for what was right and for the defense of the Federation, and that made them heroes in his eyes.

Starfleet Academy

When he came of age to apply for Starfleet Academy, he didn’t even think twice about it as he knew there was no where else that he belonged, that Starfleet was what he was meant to do, not just for himself but to also honor the memory of his parents and what they died fighting to protect.

During the course of the academy, Kosev really thrived and was able to pick up on the subject material very quickly. He caught the eye of several of his professors for his aptitude and they were very impressed by what he was accomplishing. Realizing his potential, his professors advanced him quickly and continued pushing him towards more challenging coursework knowing he could handle it. All of his hard work would eventually pay off though as his first posting out of the academy was as an ensign on board a Sovereign-class starship, a posting that newly graduated officers rarely enjoy.

Starfleet Career

Kosev spent the next several years progressing through the ranks, moving between several starships and receiving glowing recommendation letters from his commanding officers along the way. It wasn’t until 2392 when he was officially offered a command of his own: the U.S.S. Bonchune, a Nebula-class vessel. He was extremely honored and excited to have been chosen to receive his own command, and would captain the Bonchune for a few more years until a skirmish with Breen forces in 2399 would ultimately critically damage the vessel where salvaging it would be unfeasible.

U.S.S. Pioneer

Left without a ship, Kosev was about to take some leave before taking another assignment when he heard the U.S.S. Pioneer was about to enter mothballs. Reading up on the history of the ship and how it participated in several engagements during the Dominion War, he petitioned Task Force 47’s then Commanding Officer, Fleet Captain Alexandra T’Rin Sudari-Kravchik, to take the ship as his own. With his request eventually being granted, the Pioneer would spend the next year in long retrofit in spacedock. With the retrofit finally completed, she was ready to house a new crew and resume its previous mission of exploration.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2377 - 2378 Academy Cadet Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Freshman Grade
2378 - 2379 Academy Cadet Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2379 - 2380 Academy Cadet Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Junior Grade
2380 - 2381 Academy Cadet Starfleet Academy - Earth
Cadet Senior Grade
2381 - 2383 Security Officer U.S.S. Monitor
2383 - 2385 Security Officer U.S.S. Monitor
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 - 2388 Chief Tactical Officer U.S.S. Proudmore
Lieutenant Commander
2388 - 2389 Executive Officer U.S.S. Proudmore
Lieutenant Commander
2389 - 2392 Executive Officer U.S.S. Konshu
2392 - 2400 Commanding Officer U.S.S. Bonchune
2400 - Present Commanding Officer U.S.S. Pioneer