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Profile Overview

Lukas Murphy

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Murphy


Chief Engineer
USS Malinche


Lukas Murphy

Stardate 46224.4 (Age: 32)

Kansas, Earth


Lukas grew up in Kansas to a couple of farmers who had no scientific background or desire to explore, perfectly content in their lives raising their crops. But that life just wasn’t for Lukas, he spent many nights looking up at the stars and thinking about Starfleet and all the adventures there were to be had, and when the time came, he said he goodbyes to his folks and took off for Starfleet Academy to live his dream. Lukas is an especially gifted engineer, receiving very high marks from his professors, though he preferred a career in starship operations first and foremost. He is fiercely loyal, charming, very popular with the crew, and one day hopes to command a ship of his own.