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Profile Overview

Tali Omer

Human Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Omer


Chief Tactical Officer
USS Pathfinder


Tali Omer

Stardate 50777.8 (Age: 28)

Isreal, Earth


Tali joined Starfleet on a dare more than a desire to explore space. She was determined to prove to her family that she could do it and earn herself a commission, and through extreme hard work and dedication, she finally graduated the academy, though not with any flying colors in her academics. Though in one area she did particularly excel in was security and tactical. She is incredibly nimble and talented, having mastered several forms of martial arts, and continues to practice daily to keep up her skills. On her recommendation letter to join the Pathfinder as the Chief Tactical Officer, her former CO described her as “a damn good officer with the fiercest determination to keep herself and her ship safe.”