Profile Overview

Kyth Nakav

Andorian Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Nakav


Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Washington


Kyth Nakav

Stardate 58358.6 (Age: 20)



A young Orion with a lot to prove to everyone, Kyth was constantly the victim of prejudice throughout his youth. Given that there were so few Orion’s that were known to be upstanding citizens of their communities, Kyth and his family always had to work harder to prove that they were different and had nothing to do with the common stereotype of others of their race. Attending Starfleet Academy as soon as he was old enough, Kyth discovered he had an aptitude for piloting, and decided to become a certified pilot, hoping to one day be able to work on a starship. He almost couldn’t believe that he was requested by Captain Thiren to transfer to the U.S.S. Pioneer, and couldn’t hit accept fast enough. He is quick witted and smart, as well as compassionate and caring, and ready to prove to everyone that the only thing that’s typical Orion about him is his skin color.