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Profile Overview

Cassian Edren

Betazoid Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Edren


Ship's Counselor
USS Pathfinder


Cassian Edren

Stardate 47602.5 (Age: 31)



Cassian, like so many other Betazoids, discovered that through his abilities, he had a natural talent for helping others to cope with feelings and situations. Though he didn’t intend on becoming a counselor like so many of his friends from Betazed had done, indeed he had desired to become an engineer instead, Cassian couldn’t deny the gratification he felt when he was able to help others and ultimately decided that he could do some real good with his abilities. Though to say he was your typical therapist, that would be a bit misleading. Cassian liked to get you to open up in different ways that traditional therapists usually didn’t do. Instead of putting them across from him on a couch in some office, he preferred to engage them in different skill challenges, maybe run a holonovel together, or some other way to get them to talk to him without them realizing that they were actually in a therapy lesson. He has found much success in his methods, and is a valuable member of the crew.