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Olympia Station(DS-20)

Olympia Station

Spacedock-class • DS-20 • Fourth Fleet

Olympia Station is the headquarters for Starfleet’s operations in the distant Olympia Sector, an area of space on the extreme rimward and spinward frontier of the Federation’s territory in the Alpha Quadrant. This Spacedock-class station originally served as Starbase Bravo, but it was relocated from the Mellstoxx Sector after the completion of the new Guardian-class station that now serves as Starbase Bravo. With a technological refresh and a new command crew, Olympia Station serves as the home port for Arcturus Squadron.

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron

Arcturus Wayfinding Squadron is an elite exploratory unit that specializes in finding new ways forward for Starfleet, both in a literal navigational sense and through diplomatic overtures to secure routes out into deep space.

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29 May 2024

Return to Duty

Olympia Station: Olympia One-Shots

It was a strange bridge, at least to someone who had been out of the game for a while. All of the stations faced the captain’s chair. The chair itself was up six whole steps from the deck, and Captain Alexandra Langley felt out of breath by the time she hauled over seventy-year-old frame up into [...]

5 December 2023


Olympia Station: If You Give The Borg A Warp Core

It was a quiet night on the bridge of the Nellie Bly, and newly-minted junior Lieutenant Scott Bowens was out of his mind with boredom. It was week two of a three-week scouting expedition out of Olympia Station towards the edge of the sector, and the scout vessel was traveling at high warp toward [...]