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Profile Overview

Zaos Sarcaryn

Risian Male

Character Information


Science Officer
Hazard Team γ Leader
USS Arcturus


Lieutenant Junior Grade


Zaos Sarcaryn

October 23, 2374 (Age 25)



Lieutenant Zaos Sarcaryn is a generalist science officer and the leader of Hazard Team γ, which is geared specifically towards hazardous away team missions requiring a high degree of scientific acumen. Trained as a biologist, his frequent and successful leadership of away teams is what led him to his current position. He is quiet but self-assured.


Early Life

Born in 2374 at the height of the Dominion War, Zaos Sarcaryn was a member of a fairly traditionalist Risian family, whose members included musicians, artists, hoteliers, and chefs. His grandfather was a doctor, and it was from him that Sarcaryn developed an early interest in science, especially biology. As a child, Sarcaryn was independent and athletic, spending lots of his time outside of school in the tropical paradise that is Risa. As he grew older, he began to realize, though, that there was more to the galaxy than just his homeworld and he wondered what it would be like off-world.

Starfleet Academy (2392-2396)

Starbase Four (2396-2399)

USS Arcturus (2399-Present)