Inquiry-class • NCC-89887 • Starbase Bravo

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’
– Edmund Burke

Part of the first wave of Inquiry-class starships, the USS Triumph has been commanded by Lionel Jericho since her commissioning in 2390. Since then, the Triumph has taken part in Starfleet’s most significant actions of the decade, from Operation: Gatecrasher to border defence against Breen and renegade Cardassian forces, to the chaotic fall of the Romulan Star Empire. With one of the most decorated crews of the period, the Triumph now serves on the dangerous Beta Quadrant frontiers, confronting disparate Romulan factions, opportunistic pirate forces, and the machinations of the House of Mo’Kai.

With Fleet Captain Jericho leading a squadron of starships, the Triumph must oversee security in a region that needs a deft and diplomatic touch as often as tactical intervention. But when it comes to the latter, the Triumph’s reputation is clear: they are always ready.

Endeavour Squadron

USS Endeavour | USS Pathfinder | USS Nighthawk | USS Independence

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