Reliant-class • NCC-86422 • Starbase Bravo

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.’
– Emily Dickinson

The USS Nighthawk is a Reliant-class starship assigned to Endeavour Squadron. The squadron’s mission is to maintain stability on the Federation’s spinward Romulan borders, the hot-bed where the different Romulan factions come together, as well as the Federation’s allies in the Romulan Republic and Klingon Empire, and other volatile, unaffiliated groups. Under Commander Daniran Kosst, the Nightawk’s primary responsibility is to provide support and flexibility to the operations of the squadron’s larger or more tactically-capable ships, particularly the flagship Triumph or the powerful USS Endeavour. But she is also expected to resolve operations when other ships need to move on to more high-priority concerns, and consistently lingers in a region for days or weeks to conclude humanitarian support or finalise minor details in negotiations whose main principles have been settled. The work may not always be glamorous – but it can be the difference between finishing off a problem for good, or seeing it come back later.

Endeavour Squadron

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