Diligent-class • NCC-81358 • Starbase Bravo

The USS Independence is a part of Endeavour Squadron, a Starfleet unit charged with maintaining stability along the Federation’s spinward borders with the Romulan factions. While the rest of the squadron engages in diplomatic and humanitarian operations as well as border defence, the Independence acts as the unit’s primary tactical vessel. Under the leadership of Commander Ramius Vornar, the Independence undertakes scouting and reconnaissance activities and acts as escort on combat missions. Beyond this, Independence’s crew takes the lead on intelligence operations countering local insurgency, particularly the renegade House of Mo’Kai. Where other ships of the squadron may negotiate local treaties or assist independent worlds in becoming self-sustaining, the Independence gathers intelligence and works to thwart these covert schemes that would undermine the Federation’s efforts in the region.

Endeavour Squadron

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