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Profile Overview

Tar'lek Arys

Andorian Thaan

Character Information


Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Endeavour


Lieutenant Junior Grade


A promising young officer on the command track, Tar’lek Arys was assigned to Endeavour as the captain’s yeoman, with the expectation he would learn from the seasoned Leo MacCallister. After proving himself serious-minded, level-headed, and officious, Arys served for some months with difficulty under Captain Rourke, who took a less direct hand mentoring him. In due course, Rourke recognised he was wasting Arys’s potential in his current posting, and appointed him as Endeavour’s Chief Flight Control Officer. An able pilot, Arys more importantly brings a keen management to his department and a high level of focus to the bridge team.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2399 Commanding Officer's Yeoman USS Endeavour
2399 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer USS Endeavour
Lieutenant Junior Grade