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Gabriel Locke

Human Male

Character Information


Staff Judge-Advocate
Endeavour Squadron
USS Triumph




Gabriel Pericles Locke



The Staff Judge-Advocate for Endeavour Squadron, Commander Locke is an experienced lawyer and JAG officer with a specialty in interstellar law. A graduate of Starfleet Academy in the years after the Attack on Mars, Locke entered service as a firebrand, consistently challenging on legal and ideological bases the decisions made by Starfleet as the Federation turned its back on the wider galaxy for its own protection. Repeatedly he participated in challenges to uphold the rights of refugees and citizens at the edge of Starfleet authority, defying multiple admirals and politicians who might have otherwise left those beyond the core worlds to their fate. These challenges were not always successful, however, and they took a significant toll on Locke’s idealism as much as his career progress. Some superiors suggest he ‘matured’ in the mid-90s, while friends imply he has grown weary and cynical after being ground down by Command, and he has spent several years providing legal advice to hawkish admirals he would have once fought. Only by the intervention of personal allies has Gabriel Locke been assigned to Endeavour Squadron, where he provides the unit as a whole and squadron leader Fleet Captain Jericho in particular legal guidance in navigating a lawless border – a duty Locke is prone to insisting is both pointless, and beneath him.