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Tiarith Ranicus

Angosian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Ranicus


Chief Science Officer
Second Officer
USS Redemption


Tiarith Ranicus




First officer of the USS Redemption, Tiarith Ranicus is an experienced and hardened officer. Known for a sardonic and no-nonsense attitude, she is the consummate perfectionist professional. She is the daughter of an Angosian scientist who played a key role in her people’s genetic engineering of soldiers to win the Tarsian War, and has her whole life been plagued with suspicion and rumour that he employed some of his talents in making her perfect, too. While no medical examinations can evidence this suspicion, it has tarnished Ranicus throughout her career as political enemies have wanted her to fail, and every success has been seen as further reason to doubt her.

She was loyal for years to Fleet Captain Jericho, CO of the USS Triumph, until his disgrace in the Deneb Sector campaign saw the crew disbanded. Her reassignment to the Redemption has thus come under something of a shadow, with her removed from a command-level position to serve yet again as a science officer, but Commander Ranicus is unlikely to shy from any such challenge.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2388 Stellar Sciences Officer USS Washington
2388 - 2390 Chief Science Officer USS Metioche
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2390 - 2394 Chief Science Officer USS Triumph
2394 - 2398 Chief Science Officer USS Triumph
Lieutenant Commander
2398 - 2401 Executive Officer USS Triumph
2401 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Redemption