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Profile Overview

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Vash Namiya

Rutian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Namiya


Chief Medical Officer
USS Redemption


Vashelle Namiya


Rutia IV


Doctor Vash Namiya is the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Redemption. To her patients, she is kind-hearted, considerate, and supportive – and a brilliant practitioner. To those who work with her, Doctor Namiya is ambitious and hard-nosed, knowing exactly how good she is. Her bedside manner is deliberately cultivated to achieve the best results, and is still strangely convincing when her colleagues and patients are the best people. A Starfleet officer on her biobed might know that Namiya would fail to stand a round at the lounge, but she’d rather die than get a bad professional rating. She is always enthusiastic about the medical curiosities that follow Starfleet adventures, eager to get her hands dirty. After all, it’s a great way to be published. And publication is a great way to sometimes head up Starfleet Medical.