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When The Going Gets Tough…

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Gradin Belt, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 77439.25
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“He’s coming around,” Slyvexs stated with a medical tricorder hovering above Jorgeh’s head. Once she was satisfied she didn’t need to use it any further, she deactivated it and stuck it in her dark blue overcoat. “Welcome back, cadet!” She said with a wide grin.

Fluttering his eyes a few times, Jorgeh slowly woke up and blinked several times to adjust to the light. Squinting his eyes, he tried to get up fast but was slowed down by the gentle hand of the Denobulan chief medical officer. “Where am I? What happened?” He asked in a confused state.

“It’s okay, Jorgeh,” spoke Court, who was standing on the other side of the biobed which Jorgeh was on. “You’re in sickbay, and you are safe.”

Jorgeh sat up with his back against the charcoal pillow as he got his bearings a bit more. Noticing his fathers presence and his brother, he smiled at them. “Sorry if I caused any problems.”

“You did no such thing,” Duncan assured his son from where he stood beside Slyvexs. “How are you feeling?”

“A bit exhausted; my head feels a bit fuzzy.” He answered.

“That’s expected,” Slyvexs remarked. “You were heavily stunned by a plasma whip. You may feel the odd tingling sensation every so often, but it’s nothing to worry about, and the side effects will disappear within a couple of days.”

  “I was attacked,” Jorgeh said, trying to remember the last thing that happened to him. He then remembered more and quickly shot up, “What about Alf? Is he okay? What about everyone else?” 

“Easy,” Court said, pressing against Jorgeh’s shoulder to make him lay back down. “Alfie and everyone else is okay.”

“Why were we attacked?” Jorgeh asked both his fathers after calming down and returning to his resting position.

Wylem now spoke up, “The Hazari are after us, Jorgeh, because we’re Rylsanti.”

Confused by his brother’s reply, Jorgeh asked for clarity, and his fathers and the doctor explained to him what had happened so far with the Hazari.

“Most of what we assume is based on what we’ve been told by the guy who attacked you,” Duncan added. “He’s currently in the brig along with the rest of his crew, but Captain McCallister is working on a plan to protect you and Wylem.”

“What does it involve?” Jorgeh asked after requesting a glass of water. Slyvexs went away and got it. 

“Convincing the Hazari that you two aren’t Ryslanti,” Court answered.

Returning with the glass in her hands, Slyvexs passed it to the cadet and filled in what they could do to protect him and his brothers. “The procedure may take a bit of time, but it will last long enough for the Hazari to see that you and your brother are the…” She paused for a second while considering her wording, “the offspring of your fathers.”

 “So we’d be Human?” Jorgeh checked for clarity after finishing a sip of his water. 

“Yes, your DNA will show that you and Wylem are a genetic combination of your fathers,” Slyvexs confirmed. 

“Will the procedure hurt?” Jorgeh asked next.

“No, you won’t feel a thing,” Slyvexs answered. 

“Though we can’t be certain if this would be enough to convince the Hazari,” Duncan stated and looked at Wylem. “So, we’ll need to adjust our backstory as a family.”

“In what way?” Jorgeh wondered.

“Dad is referring to the fact we’ll have to change our names and make sure there’s credible evidence we’ve been with them for our entire lives,” Wylem stated. “We finally get a fresh start in our lives, Jorg. We might finally get away from everything that happened on the Quirennal.”

Jorgeh sighed at the mention of his mother’s vessel, which the Odyssey crew had saved them from at the end of last year. “And what if that doesn’t convince them?”

“We’ll return to the Alpha Quadrant,” Court answered as he took hold of Duncan’s hand. “And we’ll get away from everything the Delta Quadrant can throw at us.”

Not quite liking the sound of that drastic action, Jorgeh sat up further as he asked his next question. “What about the Odyssey?” 

“Starfleet may reassign the ship away from the Hazari, or without us being on board, it might be enough to avoid further attacks,” Duncan replied. “Captain McCallister is committed to protecting you both, though.”

 Jorgeh looked at Wylem, standing next to Court, “If us becoming Human cuts all ties to our past, then I’m all for it.”

“Me too,” Wylem added.

Duncan and Court looked at each other and then gave their permission to Slyvexs to start the procedure. 

Bringing a steaming mug of hot chocolate into the brig side room, Lieutenant Commander Flemen approached Commander Horin, where she sat at the desk. 

“Oh, you read my mind!” The Betazoid counsellor said with a smile when she saw the Lumerian diplomatic officer enter the room.

Passing the beverage over, Flemen flashed his boyish smile at her, dimples appearing through his short stubble. “I remember you said you found hot chocolate a great way to take a break.”

“All chocolate is a great way to take a break,” Horin said before sipping from it. “Oh, that’s good. Thank you, Craigen.”

“With everyone working on battle tactics, I thought I’d see if I could lend a hand with your efforts,” He gestured towards the Hazari on the other side of the one-way screen.

“I appreciate it, commander, but I’ve not had much luck,” Horin admitted between more sips. “The Hazari are unlike the Ferengi and won’t share much about why they want both Jorgeh and Wylem anymore than they’ve shared.”

Wrapping his arms around his chest, Flemen looked at them to the counsellor. “Have you just been dealing with their leader, Y’Seki?”

Horin nodded, “The others aren’t saying much.”

“What about if we play, what I’ve heard Commander Duncan mention before, a bit of a good cop/bad cop routine?” Flemen suggested.

Intrigued, Horin placed her mug down. “What do you have in mind?” 

Picking a PADD up from a nearby table, Flemen gestured for her to follow him into the brig. They both approached one of the cells where one of Y’Seki’s soldiers was standing with his arms crossed against his chest. Flemen stood just close to the cell so he could hear the buzzing from the forcefield and feel the taste of the electricity of the field in its place. 

“Name?” He asked, looking down at his PADD, pretending to take notes. 

The Hazari soldier said nothing. 

“NAME!” Flemen said louder.

Still nothing. 

Flemen looked at the Hazari with an unimpressed expression and continued to speak. “Very well, I shall designate you Prisoner One, I am Lieutenant Commander Craigen Flemen, Chief Diplomatic Officer and Staff Judge-Advocate, and it is my responsibility to inform you that you will be trialled for your crimes against this vessel before being transferred over to either the Turei Alliance or the Holy Goddess Mother’s Great Kadi State. You will be given a choice after your sentencing is complete, but I must inform you now that the Turei will most likely execute you as per our alliance agreement while the Kadi will most likely imprison you for the rest of your life.”

The Hazari didn’t flinch.

“Your silence will not help you in your trial,” Flemen said, still pretending to make notes on his PADD. He turned to Horin, “Commander Horin, has Prisoner One received a visit from Counsellor Samris to undertake his full psychological examination through the use of his Romulan Mind Probes?”

Sensing what Flemen was up to, Horin joined in. “Not yet, commander; however, do we really need to resort to such measures?” 

“Well, yes, along with a complete medical examination by Doctor Forbes. I’m sure Prisoner One has no issues with that; however, I suppose we may have to sedate him to remove his armour and uniform.” Flemen stated, still remaining in character, “Remi can’t complete the examination without getting a complete picture of Hazari physiology.”

“I suppose you’re right, but I hear the latest updates from Starfleet Medical recommend using modified Borg nanoprobes to assist with such examination,” Horin stated, not looking at the Hazari. 

  From across the brig, their conversation was overheard by Y’Seki, who had moved closer to hear clearer.

“Yes, I heard the same thing and the fact the easiest way to insert the probes is through the patient’s opening at the end of the alimentary canal,” Flemen looked at the Hazari, “I wonder if the Hazari have such an opening?”

“You will not touch him!” Y’Seki called out from the other end of the room.

Horin and Flemen smirked at each other before turning their attention towards Y’Seki.

“Prisoner, you will remain silent unless spoken to!” Flemen called out as he crossed the room. “Do you understand me?”

Stepping in as part of the act, Horin spoke up. “Commander, this is Y’Seki. He is the Hazari leader; show him some respect.”

“Respect for the man that attacked one of my godsons? I think not!” Flemen said as he tried to square up against Y’Seki. 

Turning to Y’Seki, Horin apologised for his behaviour. “I’m sorry, Captain Y’Seki, but Commander Flemen’s species are very protective regarding their family. The young man you attacked is his godson, and Lumerian custom requires him to seek revenge on anyone who hurts their young, especially those bonded to them from outside their family. Commander Duncan is Commander Flemen’s mentor.”

“I told your captain, already, show me proof that boy is Human and not Ryslanti, and we will reassess this situation,” Y’Seki stated. “In the meantime, you will leave my men alone! We do not recognise your legal position or that of your allies.”

“I don’t give a damn what you recognise; in my opinion, you lost any right to any laws that we have when you attacked that boy for no reason. Handing you over to Turei Security or the Kadi Reformation Services would be a small price to pay to see you get what you deserve.” Flemen spat out. “If you want to avoid receiving the death penalty or having to be tortured by a bunch of monks in getting you to change your ways, then I suggest you and your comrades start to cooperate with us.”

Y’Seki said nothing. 

“That’s fine with me,” Flemen said and turned away from the Hazari, “We’ll have Counsellor Samris, and Doctor Forbes sent down to begin their examinations.”

“Wait!” Y’Seki called out. “Perhaps we can talk further.”

The red alert klaxon went off, followed by the captain’s voice calling for everyone to go to battle stations.

Flemen looked at Y’Seki, “Duty calls.” He said before continuing his walk out of the brig with Horin beside him.  

Once the doors were closed behind them, Horin burst out into laughter. “Craigen, that was excellent! How did you come up with all of that on the spot?”

Shrugging his shoulders, “I’ve read too many Romulan spy novels about torture, but what was with your idea of the nanoprobes?”

“I was trying to be creative, though you’re idea of how and where they’re injected was…” She paused as she considered the right word, “A colourful approach.”

“I was going for more uncomfortable, but that’ll do as well.” Flemen said, “At least we know now that Y’Seki may be more forthcoming.”

“Red Alert! All hands to battle stations!” McCallister cried out after Banfield noted the sudden arrival of six Hazari vessels head of them. “Time for them to intercept us?”

“Three minutes,” Banfield answered from the science station. The ship entered red alert; as the lighting dropped a few levels, the crimson flashing started, and the siren began to ring out over the intercom. 

“Get a weapon’s lock,” McCallister ordered Lenjir at tactical as he got out of his seat to head over to the science station. “Where the hell did they come from, Corella?”

“Sensors show they came out of subspace corridor; I’d summarise that they’ve got access to underspace the Turei or we are unaware of in this region,” Banfield answered after looking up from her sensor readings. “And I would advise us to try to enter it. They may have it mined or heavily patrolled.”

“Agreed,” McCallister said with an annoyed inflexion. He made his way back towards the centre of the room and looked over to where Tomaz was sitting, “Suggestions, commander?” 

The Barzan chief strategic operations officer was tapping away at his console when he replied. “Not a suggestion at first, sir, but an observation.” He said. “These ships are part of those that were in that Class Nine nebula we avoided; alongside this, our long-range sensors are showing the rest of their task group of forty-one ships right behind us. I think we’re being watched, captain.”

“Watched?” McCallister repeated, “What do you mean?”

“I think they want to see what we’ll do when we engage these ships,” Tomaz replied. “I’d suggest we use standard tactics for now and hold off with what else we’ve planned. These ships are their smallest and aren’t as well armed as the others. I reckon they’ll be paired up, so one will support the other by reinforcing their shields when they attack us.”

“Okay, let’s test Tomaz’s theory,” McCallister said and looked back to his tactical officer. “Cline, target each support vessel with a full spread of torpedoes.” 

“Aye, sir,” Lenjir replied. “Sir, can I also suggest we increase security in and around the brig, just in case they attempt a prison break.”

“Absolutely,” McCallister agreed with the Tiburonian.

At that point, the turbolift to the starboard side opened its doors, allowing Commander Duncan to enter. “Number One, how’s Jorgeh?”

“Awake, and he and Wylem will undertake the procedure,” Duncan said as he made his way over to the middle to join the captain. “However, I see the Hazari are gatecrashing our party a bit early?”

“Indeed,” McCallister said before quickly updating his first officer with what was happening. “Tomaz thinks they’re going to test us initially.”

“That makes sense,” Duncan said. “See how we’ll respond and adjust their tactics when they come in for the kill.”

“Perhaps,” McCallister said as he gestured for them to sit in their seats. 

“Captain, we’re being hailed,” Jen announced from Ops. “It’s from one of the six ships coming into weapon’s range.”

“Best poker face again, Number One,” McCallister quietly said to Duncan before ordering Jen to open a channel.

“I’m Captain James Preston McCallister of the Federation starship-” McCallister started but was interrupted by the Hazari on the screen before him.

“You will return our captain, our comrades and hand over the Ryslanti you harbour from us.” 

“Your comrades attacked this ship and its personnel without provocation. They are my prisoners now, and we have no Ryslanti on this vessel.” McCallister snapped back. “However, I am willing to hand your comrades back to you if you stop your pursuit of this vessel and agree never to attack this ship or any ship belonging to the Federation.”

“We have a contract to fulfil; we will not negotiate.” The Hazari bluntly replied. 

“That’s funny as I’ve already spoken to Captain Y’Seki, and he has agreed to call off this hunt if I prove those you believe are Ryslanti are, in fact, Human,” McCallister stated as he held onto the arms of his chair tightly, hoping his bluff would work. “I can get him up here to clarify this.”

“Don’t bother; we will retrieve him and everything we want once we’ve broken your ship.” The Hazari then closed the channel abruptly.

“Well, they can’t say you didn’t try,” Jen stated.

“Two minutes until they are in weapon’s range, sir,” T’Rani announced from the helm. “What are your orders, captain?”

Considering his options for a few seconds, McCallister looked over to Banfield. “Corella, how soon until your solar eruption plan is ready?”

“We’re ready, sir, but I’d have to agree with Tomaz’s assessment; we don’t want to spoil them with everything we have planned,” Banfield answered. 

“Sir, we’ve got a bigger problem than we originally thought,” Lenjir shared. “Those six ships are all charging their deflector dishes to fire graviton pulses.”

“Damn, they plan to force us out of warp,” Tomaz stated when he realised what the Hazari were planning. “We may need to depend on our ingenuity then, sir.” He said towards McCallister. 

“We have one minute until they can fire on us,” T’Rani said. 

Jen turned in his chair, “Sir, the sensor echo displacement tactic I suggested earlier may help here.”

“Do it,” McCallister ordered before tapping the intercom button. “Bridge to engineering, Tremt, how much can you re-enforce the warp field?”

“I can push our warp profile beyond its limit for a few minutes, but after that, I can’t do much,” Hunsen replied. “Why, sir?”

“The Hazari are about to knock us out of warp with a graviton pulse or two,” McCallister replied.

 “If they hit us with a specific pulse, I will find it hard to reinitiate the warp field,” Hunsen warned the captain. “We’ll be dead in the waters for several minutes.”

“Thirty seconds!” T’Rani called out. 

Duncan then said, “Cline, make sure every shot counts.”

“Echo displacement is ready!” Jen announced.

“Do it, Lukiz,” McCallister ordered before telling Hunsen to do whatever it took to maintain the warp field.

Jen activated the echo displacement, and now, on long-range sensors, it looked like a Federation armada was coming towards the Odyssey

“Two ships are breaking formation to investigate our echo,” Banfield reported. 

“Ten seconds!” T’Rani stated. 

“Cline, fire at will the moment you can!” McCallister ordered. 

“Eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one,” T’Rani said.

“Torpedoes away, all phasers firing!” Lenjir announced as they engaged the Hazari.