Part of Challenger: The Romulan War: The Battle of Krios Prime

The Battle of Krios – NINE

Challenger NX-03, in orbit of Krios
Wednesday, November 25th, 2155
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Stomping his way up the metal drop down ladder, Burton was already unzipping his dress uniform as he clambered out of Shuttlepod One. Scrambling out of the small craft behind him were some of those that had joined him on the planet and on the other side of the hangar bay, the rest who were in Shuttlepod Two were doing the same thing. Rodham had decided to fly it back to Challenger, so Burton was surprised to see he was the first one off. They met halfway on the gantry and already Burton was muttering to himself about what was now going on.

“How the hell did this happen?” He asked no-one particularly as they entered the decontamination chamber to be checked for any alien microbes. “Why didn’t General Merik contact us as agreed?”

Noticing that his captain was looking for answers, Rodham followed him as they went through the scanner and stood beside him. “Didn’t you say the other day that Klingons are known for their dramatic entrances?”

“I’m not sure I used dramatic to describe the Klingons, commander.” Burton grumbled back as the scans came back clear and the whole team were given the green light to leave the decon chamber at once.  “Abrasive, callous, harsh, even overbearing but not dramatic.” He shook his head one more time as they entered the corridor and made their way towards the nearest lift to the bridge. Hearing Ben-Ami say she was heading to sickbay and Masuko was going to engineering, Burton just waved them both off. “They are either going to invade or this is their way of showing their strength against the Romulans.”

“Let’s hope for the latter then.” Walker remarked as they approached the doors and the captain pressed the call button.

Crossing his arms against his chest, Burton was considering everything now. “Either way, this is not going to end well for us.”

“The Klingons may see our task group in orbit as a show of solidarity with the Kriosians.” Cortez remarked.

“We may have to reconsider pulling the task group out of the system sir.” Trommler advised.

Avery shook her head as the lift door opened allowing for them all to enter. “No, the Klingons know that we were the ones to present the evidence about the Romulans to them and the Kriosians. Surely they may see our presence as neutral?”

“Tanisha, however much we’d like to think that we need to remember that the Klingons don’t think like us.” Cortez stated. “They see anyone who stands up against them as possible targets, enemies in fact.”

“Don’t remind me.” Burton groaned as he rubbed his chin where a few cuts were still healing from his battle with Merik days ago. He then he noticed his new communication officer looked disappointed in herself for sharing her thoughts. “Tanisha, has a point though.”

“I do?” She asked, astonished.

“Yeah, we need to promote our neutrality at once.” Burton elaborated as soon the lift arrived at its destination. Burton led his officers out of the cart and then turned to Sandoval. “Rosa, report.”

Sandoval stood up and out of the captain’s chair as she relinquished command back to her commanding officer. “The Kriosian fleet is redeploying itself into a tactical defence formation. Civilian vessels are taking off from the ground and the Sovereign Guard has just sent a message out to all of their forces. The First Monarch has declared martial law and has raised their military’s readiness posture to their highest level. The rest of our task group has moved into a close formation away from the Kriosian ships.”

“And the Klingon armada?” Burton asked.

“They’re moving at warp three and heading straight for the Kriosian border. They’ve already left their own territory. The first wave of ships has over one hundred vessels.” Sandoval said as she pointed towards Habiba who was just getting out of the science station for Walker to take over. “Martha, tell the captain what you’ve found.”

Burton turned to look at the second science officer. “The lead ship is the Vor’chem and a good number of the ships are battlecruisers with birds of prey or raptors escorting what we believe are troop transports.”

“Damn, they are packing.” Rodham stated as he took over at the helm from Hathaway.

Shaking his head as he took his seat, Burton took a breath. “Have we heard anything from the Klingons?” He asked Sandoval.

“No sir, our repeated attempts at hailing them have gone unanswered.” Sandoval answered.

“Very well, thanks Rosa. I want you and Ensign Hathaway monitoring what’s happening in and around Krios the situation room.” Burton gestured to them two to take up a position where Trommler was now occupying himself. “The rest of you,” He said looking at Habiba, Dalton and Reddick, “Man your other stations.”

Reddick and Dalton left the bridge via the lift but Habiba remained where she was as Walker told her he wanted her to stay and to man the scope behind him.

“Rosa, did we get everyone back on the ship?” Burton checked as she started to make her way to the aft compartment of the bridge.

Looking back at him, Sandoval stopped in her tracks. “Yes sir, besides Corporal Jenkins, Lieutenant Stewart and Doctor Payne.”

Baffled by that last person (and angry at hearing Stewart hadn’t returned as he had ordered), Burton rotated his chair around to look at Sandoval. “Explain that.” He instructed her.

Sandoval showed her own bewilderment at that statement from Burton. “I’m sorry sir, I thought you knew?” Burton showed a further expression that he didn’t and wanted her to clarify further. “Lieutenant Stewart returned to the ship via the transporter but after Doctor Payne started to examine him, he became violently ill. She believed that his distance from Prince Kalluum was causing it. She insisted that we beam him back down and she returned with him to monitor his condition. I ordered them to find you immediately.”

Burton looked at Walker, who he had shared with while on the trip back to the ship about what Stewart and Jenkins had told him, and furthermore expressed his frustration through his tone.

“Obviously the panic of us departing and them returning to the planet we must have missed one another.”  Walker suggested.

Turning back around to face the main screen, Burton looked at Avery. “Ensign, can you hail our landing party.

Avery nodded and pressed her earpiece with one finger while using the other hand to open a channel. “I’ve got Doctor Payne, sir.” She informed him as she switched the channel to the main bridge speakers.

“Doctor Payne, update, please.” Burton said through gritted teeth.

“Captain, we’ve just been informed of what’s happening with the Klingons when we were trying to find you. I’m so sorry sir, I had no choice in the matter but to bring Lieutenant Stewart back down to the planet. It was a matter of life or death.” Payne explained.

“I understand the circumstances, is Niall okay now?” Burton asked as he stood up and placed his hands on his hips as he began to pace the small raised area around his chair.

“He is and I now believe I understand how we can counter the effect these joinings are having on both Niall and Liam.” Payne answered. “However I need at least another hour or so to prepare the treatment. The First Monarch has offered the help of her personal doctors who are helping us.”

Sighing at hearing that, Burton rubbed his forehead as he spoke up. “Doctor, you may not have an hour or so.”

“I can’t fast-forward science here sir.” Payne stated as a matter of fact.

Burton got that. “Understood, standby.” He nodded to Avery to mute the channel as he looked over to Trommler. “Luis, how quickly can you assemble the entire MACO detachment?”

“Everyone, sir?” Trommler checked.

“Yes, everyone.” Burton said, almost sounding more annoyed that Trommler had asked that.

“Twenty  minutes.” The MACO commander said.

“You’ve got ten.” Burton said assertively.  “I want you to split your teams up between the shuttlepods and the transporter bay. I want a full protection detail protecting our missing crewmembers and then I want you to extract them the moment it is safe to remove them.”

Hathaway moved forward and offered to fly one of the shuttlepods, of which Burton approved.

Avery from her station gave a concerned look as her eyes met Trommler’s as he made his way towards the lift with Hathaway. She mouthed the words ‘good luck’ to him and he replied with a smile and by placing his right hand over his heart, just as the doors closed behind him.

Burton returned to the matter at hand. “Tanisha, send a message to the First Monarch that we’re going to attempt to find out what the Klingons are doing.”

Snapping out of her brief daze with Trommler, the communications officer nodded in response to her superior.

“Commander Rodham, lay in a course for the Vor’chem, maximum warp.” He ordered his first officer and pilot as he returned to his chair.

Rodham turned in his chair and spoke up. “One ship against a whole fleet, sir?” He questioned.

“We need to know what General Merik’s answer is. I want to hear it from him.” Burton said, sounding almost desperate.

Sighing heavily, Rodham turned his attention back to the helm and began plotting in the course.

“Sir, the First Monarch wishes to speak to you.” Avery announced, her finger still pressed tightly against her earpiece.

“Put her up.” Burton told her.

The main screen changed from showing the impressive view of Krios from orbit to that of First Monarch Kaitaama in what appeared to be a military command room. “Fleet Captain Burton, my generals tell me that they believe this is it. The Klingons are going to invade us.”

“That’s a possibility, your Majesty.” Burton said, “I’m planning to take Challenger and to confirm if that is the case or at least try and settle this as we agreed with them.”

“Please captain, do not place yourselves in any more harm, I beg of you.” Kaitaama pleaded.

“I started this venture in finding a way to stop the Romulans manipulating your people, and I plan to see it through to the end.” Burton replied with conviction.

“That is noble of you.” She paused to take a breath, almost as if she was weighing up more heavy options and decisions she didn’t want to make. “Captain, we only spoke moments ago about a partnership between our people, may I make one final request?”

Surprised to hear that, Burton wondered where the Kriosian leader was going with this. “Of course.”

“The scientists, engineers and researchers I promised to send to Earth, well they’re preparing to board the Kamala shortly. May I ask that you take them and their families as refugees and then leave our space at once?” Kaitaama pleaded. “If they survive helping your people then Krios will survive somewhere and somehow. We owe you so much.”

Burton, who was now standing beside Rodham, looked at him showing his own amazement at that request. “That’s very generous Your Majesty, but we’ve not signed an alliance agreement. You don’t owe us anything”

“We don’t need to be allies to be friends.” Kaitaamas replied.

Nodding a few times, Burton agreed to her request and told Avery to have their task group rendezvous with the Kamala and to escort it out of Kriosian space and back to Earth territory. Returning his focus back to Kaitaama, he spoke up. “Your Majesty, I still have my people on the ground. I’m sending my MACOs down to protect and have them returned to us once Doctor Payne completes her treatments.” Burton wasn’t asking for permission, he was telling her what he was doing.

She nodded in agreement. “That is acceptable, captain. Good luck.”  She closed the channel.

“Captain Trommler’s teams are ready to go, sir.” Rodham announced.

Tapping the nearest communications panel (the one on top of the helm), Burton called down to his MACO commander. “Bridge to Trommler.”

“Go ahead sir.” Came the response.

“Captain, I want to make it clear, whatever it takes for you to go in, protect our people and get them out safely is your priority.” Burton told him. “Now the moment we drop you off we are preparing to depart to intercept the Klingons. If we don’t make it back, I want you on Voyager or the Republic, heading out of the system.”

“Jawohl Kapitän.” Trommler answered in a quiet but thick German accent.

“Godspeed. Burton out.” He tapped the panel closed and made his way to his chair. “Ensign Avery, anything from the Klingons yet?”

Shaking her head, the communications panel looked disappointed to give her answer.

“Then send them a message informing them we are on our way.” Burton ordered with a heavy sigh. “Alex, the moment the MACOs are gone take us out of orbit and engage warp drive.”

“Message sent.” Avery confirmed.

“MACOs are away.” Walker announced.

“Engaging warp drive.” Rodham reported.

Challenger spun on its axis, gaining speed from its impulse speed as it made its rapid movement away from Krios. In the background the two shuttlepods were entering the upper atmosphere. As soon as they disappeared Challenger jumped to warp.

The Great Sovereign Palace, Lodstead, Krios Prime

In the emergency bunker that was several thousand kilometres underground, Doctor Payne was monitoring both Jenkins and Stewart who were lying on gurneys. This small medical facility was meant to be the First Monarch and the rest of the royal family, instead Her Majesty insisted on Payne using it to treat her comrades.

Jenkins appeared weak on where he laid while Stewart was more conscious. Both of them had a drip that was injecting them with a treatment that Payne had been able to devise with the monarch’s personal doctor. From the scans taken of the empathic metamorphic process that Stewart had undergone with Kalluum, Payne had been able to devise a way of correcting the chemical imbalance it created within both Stewart and Jenkins. It was starting to work well on Stewart while Jenkins required more time and a higher dosage.

“Why do I feel so rough?” Jenkins moaned from his bed as he clutched the side of his stomach.

Scanning him, Payne could see what was happening. “From what I can see your body is reacting in the same fashion that it would do if you were pregnant.”

“How’s that possible? I’m not a wo-” Jenkins paused as he felt the inside of his stomach start to disagree with him and he instantly pulled onto a nearby bowl as he threw up the contents of what he had eaten at the state dinner.

Payne rubbed his back. “It’s all about those hormones that the First Monarch is feeding you while your body is dealing with the treatment. Sorry Liam, you are going to go through a whirlwind of symptoms that relate to pregnancy.”

“As long as he doesn’t start craving chocolate, we should be okay.” Stewart said, slightly smirking at the discomfort his husband was going over.

Payne gave Jenkins a bottle of water before turning to Stewart. “How are you feeling?”

“A burning headache and it feels like I’ve got burning needles running through my head.” Stewart answered. “I’m feeling slightly agitated and tired too.”

Scanning him as well, Payne could see what was happening. “I’m taking a slight increase in dopamine levels, that accounts for an increase in your heart rate and blood pressure.”

“Can’t you give me something to counteract that?” Stewart almost begged.

“Normally I would, but I think this is the treatment working. I’ll monitor you, don’t worry, Niall.” Payne assured him, just as Jenkins threw up behind him.

The doors to the medical centre then flew open revealing the arrival of the First Monarch and her husband. Payne instantly greeted them. “Your Majesty, Your Highness – are you both okay?”

Nodding, Kaitaama spoke first. “We are fine, thank you doctor; we wanted to check in on them both.”

“Besides the side effects of the treatment, they’ll recover.” Payne stated confidently.

“Doctor, I know that by us being close to them, it will help them but we have a pressing matter that requires me to leave Krios.” Kalluum explained, “I need to go prepare our forces at our shipyards. If I depart, will it kill Niall?”

Payne looked at Stewart and then back to the prince. “No, I believe the treatment is working but he will have just as rough a ride of it like Liam is having.”

Kalluum turned to Stewart and began pleading his case, “My dear friend, I am sorry for the suffering I have caused you but can I ask you to endure more so I can prepare my people for the upcoming storm?”

Stewart just nodded and understood how important it was for the prince to be elsewhere right now. Thanking him with a huge bear hug, Kalluum wished him and Liam a speedy recovery before saying goodbye to his wife followed by a quick departure from the room.

Kaitaama remained for a moment and took a small breath in while she hugged her stomach.

“Your Majesty, are you okay?” Payne asked with concern.

Kaitaama smiled back in response. “Let me know how they do. Your captain is sending down your MACOs to come protect you and bring you all back to Challenger when you are done hereI’ll have them shown the way the moment they arrive.”

“Thank you.” Payne said, now showing some worry for the Kriosian monarch.

Challenger NX-03

Challenger raced through the stars as it made its way to intercept the Klingon flagship. The bridge was silent as everyone waited patiently for their journey to end.

Holding on to the end of his chair’s arms tightly, Burton remained sat up straight, posed to speak to General Merik and hopefully find a way to end this crisis before it got out of hand. Remaining rigid but calm, Burton was certain he would have to make rapid decisions in the next five minutes that could cost them the entire war effort.

The lift doors quickly opened and Ben-Ami rushed out of them. Her sudden appearance surprised everyone and she soon spoke up. “Good, we’ve not reached the Klingons yet.”

“Kefira, what is it?” Burton asked her.

Holding a tablet in her hands she passed something over to the captain. “I’ve been finishing off the review that Hillary started on the scans that I took of Merik on Haydoria, before he collapsed. The general mentioned a virus called the nehret and that it was like old age. Well he was right, he did have the virus.”

“Poor guy,” Burton said in a sarcastic tone. “How does this help us?” He asked her as he quickly scanned the contents of what she was showing him.

Ben-Ami took the tablet back and showed him another page. “I think I might be able to devise a treatment specifically for Merik. Seeing as he was infected by that nasty case of Levodian flu that Enterprise and Columbia dealt with last year then his immune system may not be as strong as a regular Klingon. Basically, I’m not surprised he got ill and exhausted from the battle. If we can save him then, it might be something that can help with your upcoming diplomatic efforts? Plus I am certain that whatever Niall observed Kalluum doing to Merik had nothing to do with nehret. From what I can see the Kriosians only use their empathic powers to share their thoughts and feelings. ”

Burton smiled and showed his appreciation with Ben-Ami. “Thanks Kefira, so you’re saying that Kalluum didn’t exasperate Merik’s condition?”

Shaking her head, Ben-Ami was certain with his conclusions. “I think he only shared what he was feeling and most likely imparted on the general his determination to win the fight and to make the general reconsider his position. From what I’m reading of Hillary’s research, then the Kriosians can only sense and to a certain point share their feelings, nothing more.”

“Very well, stick around as I may need you.” Burton replied.

“We’ve got an incoming hail from the Vor’chem.” Avery reported, interrupting the moment the captain and chief medical officer were having.

“Put it up.” Burton said the moment he heard her words and looked at the main screen with determination.

Flicking to show the image of the Klingon bridge, Burton was a bit taken back by the scene before him. Merik was not sitting in the command chair, instead it was Korg. “Commander Korg, you honour me for answering my hail.” Burton said, remaining strong and calm. “May I speak to General Merik?

“That’s General Korg to you, pathetic petaQ!” Korg snapped back as he looked at Burton with huge beedy eyes and a distaste for him. “General Merik is dead and most likely on the Barge of the Dead, heading towards Gre’thor no thanks to the dishonourable death you and your Kriosian friend gave him.”

Stunned to hear that bombshell from Korg, Burton squinted his eyes after giving Ben-Ami a look to say that her efforts were for nothing. “I don’t understand what you mean? The general was alive after we concluded our honourable summit.”

Laughing out loud, Korg shook his head. “Then if you do not know then you are more of a fool than Merik was in giving you a chance to defeat him in battle.” Korg’s attitude and entire body language changed instantly. He was serious and sitting up straight as he sneered at Burton, showing his sharp teeth. “Mark my words Fleet Captain Burton, we are going to make the Kriosians suffer for making fools of us and for killing our general. They will become subjects of the Klingon Empire.”

“General, I have shown you the evidence of the Romulans tampering and meddling in the affairs of your Empire. You cannot allow their actions to go unanswered and unjustified.” Burton said, absolutely gutted that everything he had done was now unravelling before him. “General Merik promised me that what we shared with you would be taken to your Chancellor and High Council. I had his word and as his former first officer, I expect you to honour that.”

Shaking his head, Korg was not having any of it. “The general died on the floor of the Great Chambers when he was trying to present your evidence. He was poisoned by the Kriosians and the nehret got him. His death is of no consequence. We will honour him completing the campaign he started to ensure his journey to Gret’hor is halted and instead he is sent to Sto’vo’kor.”

“No, you’ve got this all wrong.” Burton countered back with. “Merik was not poisoned by the Kriosians. He said it himself, it was this nehret that affected him at the end of our fight. It sounded like he knew a lot about it and my doctor believes she can help you find a cure to this virus. Please reconsider and let us return back to our original agreement to deal with the Romulans.”

 “We have already sent a message back to the Romulans when we destroyed their fleet near our shared border with the Kriosians and all Klingon ships now have standing orders to open fire on any Romulan ships close to our territory, but we will not join you in battle against them. The nehret is only old age, it affects those who are not strong enough. Merik was strong, your lies about the Kriosians not infecting him will be ignored. We know the truth and the Kriosians will pay for what they did to the general.” Korg spat out. “Now if you want to remain and fight alongside them, then go ahead but make sure you understand that the moment you have sided against us in battle, we do not forgive or forget! Your planet would be next!”

He then cut the channel and Burton gave out a huge sigh. “Damn it.” He cursed and immediately told Rodham to turn them around and head to Krios at maximum warp.

Rodham looked over his shoulder after altering their course, “Sir, are we going to help the Kriosians?”

Slumping back into his chair, Burton shook his head. “No.” He simply answered.

The Great Sovereign Palace, Lodstead, Krios Prime

Watching from her underground bunker the arrival of the Klingon armada, First Monarch Kaitaama held her breath and pushed back a tear. She couldn’t believe this day had arrived. She had held on to hope that Fleet Captain Burton would be successful but after he had called ahead to say that Merik was dead and the Klingons were blaming her people, then she knew everything was over. Ordering her military to make one final stand, she declared martial law across her world. The Kamala was finally launched and escorted away. On board the ship, not only did she send their best scientists and engineers plus their families, but also other government officials and as many civilians the ship could take. She requested from Burton that those she sent could become refugees among the Commonwealth, far away from the Klingons and attempt to build a new Krios. A government in exile. Kindly he had agreed to help.

“Your Majesty,” spoke one of her generals, “His Highness, First Prince Consort Kalluum reports he has engaged the Klingons on the far edges of our system by several of our shipyards.”

Thanking the general, she genuinely hoped that Kalluum was able to slow the advance of the Klingon ships while the last of the evacuation ships left Krios.

“What about Challenger?” She asked the general.

“They’ve just dropped out of warp and are moments away from entering a low orbit.” Her answer came. “However, it would seem that several Klingon ships have followed them in but on the other side of the planet. They’re launching their troop transports now, heading for the capital!”

“Damn it. Have all available forces open fire.” Kaitaama ordered.

Bursting through the medical centre, almost at warp speed, Trommler led his team through to find Payne running a scan on Jenkins who was sitting up on the bed he had been lying on while Stewart was puking his guts up now.

“Sir, is everything okay?” Jenkins asked his superior.

“It’s good to see you too Liam.” Trommler said as he pointed to his MACOs to take up a defence position. “And no it’s not okay. We’ve been sent down to assist in getting you guys out of here and fast.”

Stewart finished heaving up and rolled himself off the bed as Payne quickly came over to help him. “What’s happening now?”

“The Klingons have launched an invasion and are already laying down troops in the capital city. Challenger is about to come into orbit and we need to get out of here!” Trommler stated. “Doctor, are Liam and Niall able to move?”

Payne just nodded. “They are, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to make it up those stairs we came down originally.”

Stewart looked at his husband, “We can do it, right Liam?”

Jenkins nodded, holding his stomach still. “It’s better than taking on any blood thirty Klingons right now.”

“If we can’t make it to the shuttlepods, we’ve got a plan B.” Trommler indicated towards the two MACOs behind him that were wearing the full combat gear, including helmets and masks. Taking their gear off they soon revealed themselves not to be MACOs.

Payne was surprised to see one of them, “Colleen, what are you doing here?”

The other revealed his identity and both Stewart and Jenkins were surprised by the other person. “Theo!” They both said in unison.

The engineers stepped forward. “We knew the captain wanted to quickly extract you all, so we came up with a back up plan just in case conventional MACO tactics don’t work.” Malone explained.

Metaxas pulled his rucksack around and pulled out three long cylinder shaped devices with cones on top. “They’re called transporter enhancers. They basically help us beam something back up and avoid the transporter scanners from losing patterns.”

“It was Theo’s idea to create such devices after the Battle of the Bassen Rift.” Malone added.

“Actually it was an idea that Commander Stanton was tinkering with but I wanted to complete his work.” Metaxas explained. A proud smirk now appeared across his face.

All of them appreciated what he had done, after the fact they had lost Major Yu, Commander Stanton and Lieutenant Conrad due to the fact they couldn’t transport them back in time, this would definitely make a difference.

“Sir, we’ve just heard from squad two that Klingons are heading in this direction.” announced Private Rafterty.

“Right, ladies and gents, enough chit chat,” Trommler said in an assertive voice, “we need to move.”

The team started to move out of the medical complex and towards the flight of stairs and tunnels they would need to use to exit the bunker. As they did, the Klingons started to fire on the palace above them. The grounds started to shake and dust and grit began to fall down on them.

“Scarlet Dame to Streak, the shuttlepod positions are becoming precarious. We’ve got a hoard of incoming Klingon troops. They are shelling us.” Spoke First Lieutenant Alder over the communicator.

Trommler paused climbing as he replied. “Understood Scarlet Dame, standby.” He pressed a button on his communicator and hailed his assistant detachment. “Cleopatra from Streak, status report?”

Second Lieutenant Javini’s voice came over the channel. “Sir, our position is about to be overrun by Klingons!”

“Looks like we’re going to plan B.” Trommler announced before he told both Adler and Javini to lift off and head back to the ship. He suggested to the rest of his team that they climb higher and get into one of the nearby tunnels to set up the transporter enhancers before he called Challenger. “Trommler to Challenger, come in Challenger.”

“Go ahead captain!” Came the response from Burton.

Smiling to hear the captain’s voice, Trommler updated his superior about the situation. “So without fighting off the Klingons, I want to try Ensign Metaxas’ plan B.”

“Understood. We’re moving the ship into a lower orbit to assist further. Set up your enhancers and give us the go ahead when you’re ready for transport. Good luck!” Burton said.

The team quickly worked to set up the transporter enhancers. All three came to life, Metaxas and Malone were fiddling with them and checking they were operational.

“I think we’re good to go!” Metaxas said.

“Agreed.” Malone confirmed.

“Trommler to Challenger, let’s go!”

“Standby!” spoke the voice of Lieutenant Masuko.

Trommler held his rifle close as more dust fell on them and the transporter beam engulfed them all.

Challenger NX-03

“Transporter bay to the bridge,”  said Masuko over the intercom, “transport successful. We have everyone.

Relieved to hear that, Burton smiled and looked down at his first officer. “Alex, take us up and plot a course away from the Klingon armada,” He paused for a second before he finished his sentence, “and Krios.”

“Aye sir.” Rodham said as he took the ship out of the planet’s atmosphere, avoided the incoming invasion and soon the Challenger jumped to warp.