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Task Force 86 – Report #3

June 22, 2024

We are almost one week into the Fleet Action Labyrinth, and damn, what an amazing Fleet Action it is so far! The stories are finger-licking good, and the competitions and games are a great enjoyment for every member of Bravo Fleet! So here we are with the eighty-sixth task force report, bringing you an exciting update on what we have been up to!

Task Force Updates

Since the last report, a few members of Task Force 86 have stepped up their game to help out in fleet operations or to have more fun with Bravo Fleet’s options.

At the beginning of this year, Bravo Fleet launched the TTRPG USS Pioneer, and the adventures have been quite fun for the crew. Our members have also been part of this adventure; James Shaw (Sh’ill) and Oka Katsu (RaWolfe) are proud members of the Pioneer, and we highly recommend this wonderful TTRPG. Go check it out!

The RPG USS Valkyrie was also launched earlier this year, and our Task Force 86 members have actively been part of the stories on this large Sovereign-class ship with their characters Taylor Kazanksy (Noun), Senja Solberg (Qaaya), and Hilea t’Rehu (Tugar)! But our Task Force 86 members don’t stop there, as both Qaaya and Tugar also joined the adventures of the RPG USS Hathaway, launched this year as well, with their characters Dr. Astrid Gray (Qaaya) and Emagyn Morgen (Tugar)!

On June 1st of this year, Bravo Fleet launched the amazing Fleet Asset in the 3.1 update to the BFMS. In simple terms, this system gives you prestige for (almost) every activity you do within Bravo Fleet, such as participating in or organizing competitions, placing in competitions, earning ribbons, medals, or promotions for your activity, and much more. As a member, you can use your hard-earned prestige to buy new shiny ships at the fleet market, change the ship class, custom unit name, and more. It’s a great system all around, and both Beryl Hammond and RaWolfe, as members of Task Force 86, have stepped up and joined the Fleet Logistics staff to help with the day-to-day operations of this incredible system.

As Task Force 86 staff, we are proud to see our members actively involved with our community! We look forward to seeing what future achievements await our lovely members!

Fiction Updates

  • USS Ulysses – The Ulysses Exploratory Cruiser Division is busy patrolling Federation space. The USS Ulysses recently reported to Starbase 86, where it underwent routine maintenance, and its crew enjoyed some amenities the starbase offers before returning to their Sovereign-class ship. With a team effort from the USS Chimera and USS Ulysses, the division managed to protect the world from the sudden influx of space debris travelling through a newly formed wormhole. The Ulysses division begins to reach out for support to the planet that had been hit by the barrage of orbital debris and starts to restore the power grid; however, it discovers that political sabotage is happening, which provides technical challenges. 
  • USS Mariner – The Mariner crew has been summoned back from the Delta Quadrant to help with a delicate situation near the Klingon borders. The independent planet Mogotis is requesting assistance as Klingon raiders are harassing them. They arrived at Starbase 86, receiving supplies and instructions not to make hostile moves against the Klingon raiders. The command team sees this as a complicated puzzle to solve. Upon arrival, the Mariner had brief contact with Mogotis until they were surprised by a sudden anomaly within the planet and ripped it apart with insane force. The crew had to pull off a miracle to survive this event, but they find themselves stranded, wounded, and alone in an unknown place. 
  • USS Blythe: The Blythe crew is en route to a newly discovered aperture that appeared on the outer edge of the Beta Quadrant. Upon arrival, the Blythe faced an unknown large ship coming through the aperture with phasers hot and ready to fight. The Blythe prepared to defend itself. 
  • USS Luna – The USS Luna has been busy visiting Pangangar in the Cardassian neutral zone and uncovering Cardassian interference in developing the local human settlers. They were involved in a legal case with the telepathic Pangangarians to determine the future settlement of the world, and the native population decided to expel both the human settlers and Cardassian military. On Kradashian IV, Captain Cruz and an away team tried to appeal to the planet’s settlers and impress upon them the need to relocate to a new world, with the system’s sun set to go supernova in a century. The local settlers, who had moved into the neutral zone to escape Federation authority generations before, remained sceptical of the science of climate change and, thus far, are not heeding Starfleet’s recommendations. Meanwhile, Commander Olivia Carrillo took the USS Luna to respond to a distress call from a California-class ship and a station attacked by pirates.
  • Starbase 415 – At the starbase’s most popular and historic restaurant, Hakkoku, Ortiz reflects on the recent tense missions involving satellite repairs and the near-assassination of the Tholian Ambassador. This earned him a promotion but also served as a reality check on the dangers that lurk out there. Meanwhile, Captain Maxwell reviews reports reflecting recent events and implements a harsh training schedule for the station’s hazard team. Despite all this, Captain Maxwell is reunited with his old ship, the USS Sovereign, which is now upgraded and ready for diplomatic missions. While the Sovereign had disappeared from SB415 sensors, a new wave of unknown guests arrived. Commander Ward extended her hand to these new arrivals only to land in an ugly hostage situation. 
  • USS Sovereign – The junior crew of the USS Sovereign joined a ship combat reevaluation class to improve their abilities and skills in potential combat scenarios. Commander Ward put the juniors through the drill. During the simulation, the junior staff were tasked with defending a convoy against Cardassian attackers. They lost two transports despite destroying two enemy ships and driving off a third. Commander Ward commended them for their efforts and reminded them of combat’s harsh reality and cost. Ruby and Mizu, esteemed command officers, are in a friendly competition to show who is better. But Captain Maxwell finds himself in a tight spot as the Sovereign gets dragged through a vortex into the vast unknown with barely any systems online. 
  • USS Valhalla – The Valhalla Division returned safely to Starbase Bravo after their encounter at the Ciater Nebula to support the USS Mariner. McKenzie struggled on a personal level with the recent events, including the deaths of some of her crew and allies. Meanwhile, the Valhalla crew tried to carry out their daily duties and find joy and passion. They supported each other as best as possible, but some preferred to process these events alone. 
  • USS Jaxartes –  While at Harper’s Rift for further scientific investigations, the Jaxartes crew found themselves pulled through a newly appearing void. After a bumpy ride, they found themselves stranded on the other side in an unknown space. Ensign Harris pulled the short straw and was required to go out in an EVA suit to assess the situation outside the ship. It was difficult to know where they were with sensors, hull cameras, and windows covered in black sand. Once outside, Harris understood the gravity of their situation. The impact of the asteroid had created dust that magnetized the ship’s hull and blinded them. While the crew was trying to find a way out, the Devore arrived, pulling the ship free at a hefty price as they did their ruthless inspection and took Commander Salan away from them. The crew follows the Devore ship, hoping to find where the Commander is taken. 
  • USS Tomcat – The USS Tomcat is currently on assignment dealing with events around Asphodal Station. We are anxiously awaiting an update and believe that the Akira-class ship will continue to be pivotal in defending Starfleet’s borders.

Task Force Recognition



  • Cadet Junior Grade Nadarin: Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade
  • Cadet Junior Grade Nalys: Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade
  • Cadet Junior Grade Gravel: Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade
  • Cadet Sophomore Grade Ava Smith: Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • Cadet Freshman Grade Harvey: Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Cadet Sophomore Grade Shela Archer: Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • Cadet Freshman Grade Jarvun Barihn: Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Cadet Freshman Grade Gralvar: Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Midshipman John Rawlins: Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman
  • Commander Jason Devron: Commander
  • Commander Nathan Hawthorne: Commander 
  • Lieutenant Lavender Haigh: Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Beryl Hammond: Lieutenant 


We are proud of our members’ achievements so far and even more proud of how involved every member of our Task Force is during this Fleet Action Labyrinth. The Task Force Staff has seen so much growth from one Fleet Action to another, and this year, we will achieve outstanding achievements. We are proud to have such an involved group of wonderful people in our community!