USS Jaxartes (NCC-88010)

The last crew left the USS Jaxartes battered but unbowed. With her repairs and refit barely complete this feisty Raven class corvette and her hastily assembled new crew must as part of Task Force 86, head out to one of the most chaotic sectors of the Beta Quadrant.


Raven-class • NCC-88010 • Task Force 86

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12 February 2024

Part 7: Now I’m Here

USS Jaxartes: These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Lieutenant Devron looked about him, slightly confused and disorientated.  A moment ago he’d just shot a man; technically in cold blood.  Even if that man had been possessed by an Entity which had designs on enslaving the planets population; if not potentially those of other planets [...]

8 February 2024

Part 6: Who Wants To Live Forever?

USS Jaxartes: These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Jérôme Bruyere was a man with a mission.  That mission was to save his wife from impending death.  He’d been shown a glimpse of the future in which she would be killed by a burning rock falling from the sky. That moment was only a matter of hours away. The man in Starfleet uniform [...]

5 February 2024

Part 5: I Want To Break Free

USS Jaxartes: These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Jason Devron looked at the fear and confusion on the face of his wife and two children.  This life had seemed so wonderful and real.  Until that girl had appeared in the mirror.  Why did he not remember looking in a mirror before that point, surely he must have?  She brought [...]

2 February 2024

Part 4: The Show Must Go On.

USS Jaxartes: These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Acting Captains log: It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I have had to report to Fleet Command that despite our best efforts and those of the New Alberta colonists no trace of Lieutenant Jason Devron can be found anywhere on the planet’s surface.  Nor has there been any [...]