USS Jaxartes (NCC-88010)

The last crew left the USS Jaxartes battered but unbowed. With her repairs and refit barely complete this feisty Raven class corvette and her hastily assembled new crew must as part of Task Force 86, head out to one of the most chaotic sectors of the Beta Quadrant.


Raven-class • NCC-88010 • Task Force 86

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
ID: 2554
Assistant Engineer
ID: 2554
ID: 2554

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31 January 2023

Who needs enemies with Ferengi’s like these!

USS Jaxartes: Routine Patrol:

As they escorted the disgruntled Ferengi out of the area, the Vulcan captain convened a meeting; consisting of himself Lieutenant Bolka and Ensigns Devron and Stuart.   The four of them sat around the large table in the aft observation lounge.  Through one of the large windows Jason could [...]

30 January 2023


USS Jaxartes: Routine Patrol:

The Jaxartes spent the next few days escorting the lone Vanoban transport further into a much safer area of Federation space.  Towards the end of the third day; they came across a pair of medium freighters both with mainly human crews.  Both ships where lightly armed with their own phaser turrets [...]

29 January 2023

Shattered Peace

USS Jaxartes: Routine Patrol:

The first five days aboard the Jaxartes had gone relatively smoothly, they’d made contact with a convoy of three transport vessels under the watchful eye of one of her sister ships on the third day and exchanged news and information with them.  The following day they’d spotted a lone Orion [...]

28 January 2023


USS Jaxartes: Routine Patrol:

The crew of the USS Jaxartes had spent the last 36 hours getting everything ready for the corvettes launch.  Bringing in supplies and additional equipment the Captain felt they would need.  In that time the Engineering Room had been a hive of activity. Ensign Dinari along with another crew member [...]