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Task Force 47 July 2022 Report

July 28, 2022

Story excerpt

The benefit to having USS Nobel as Task Force 47’s flagship, a now Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik thought to herself, was that the ship’s expansive facilities accommodated the option and capacity for flag offices far more comfortably than any other ship in the current Starfleet inventory outside of the Odyssey-class ships, in her opinion. While Nobel sacrificed some of her scientific lab space for the flag offices, it wasn’t like the ship lacked any afterwards in the grand scheme.

Starboard compartments on deck ten had been given over to house the office space that was required to manage a task force, but the true luxury of compartments with windows had been set aside for two purposes – her own office and the task force conference room. Converted quarters, it was difficult to see them as such now.

“Ah, Captain Jori, please, sit,” she stated as her executive officer stepped into her office, past her yeoman who was at work in the outer office. “We are finally starting to see the ships of our task force arrive in the Thomar Expanse.” She indicated the large display on the wall opposite the windows which showed a brief status display of the ships assigned, at least administratively so far, to Task Force 47. “A few have arrived at DS47 and are partaking in leave before continuing into the Expanse.”

Looking at the newly promoted Fleet Captain she nodded as she took the seat that was offered, crossing her leg over her other leg she looked at the display as Sudari-Kravchik spoke. “After the events with the situation in the Romulan Star Empire and the Velorum Sector it’s good to see they get some much-needed leave,” Jori said as she looked back at the Captain.

“Indeed so. I am however gratified to see the ships and personnel we were promised finally arriving in our theatre of operations.” Sudari-Kravchik slid a padd across her desk. “A draft of our briefing packets for the command crews of every ship that will be working throughout the Expanse.” She’d been working on it primarily herself but the helping hand of her intelligence chief was obvious upon reading. “I would appreciate your taking the time to fully review the document and come back to me with your thoughts so that we might distribute it as soon as possible.”

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Task Force Updates

I think the biggest piece of news I can trumpet in this update is Task Force 47’s big win during the Sundered Wings Fleet Action! It truly was a group effort, with amazing wins across writing, gaming and competitions from all our members. The activity levels were amazingly high throughout the competition and the biggest challenge now is keeping that going into the future!

I know, like many of us, that I need a breather after that huge burst of activity and I can’t blame anyone else for indulging in a bit of wind-down! But to keep the fires going and interest high, Leah and I will be getting some more fiction going to give folks something to chew away at.

As a reminder, while Deep Space 47 is the headquarters for Task Force 47, technically the flag sits on the USS Nobel, a Galaxy-class starship. The wiki page for Nobel will be getting a bit of an update in the near future to bring it up to date with the ship’s new posting. I’d also like to remind people about the lovely lore refresher from a few months ago. A good read of that, and the wiki policies it links to, will do a bit of good for all.

Fiction Updates

With the Fleet Action only just past us, many of Task Force 47 are still taking a chance to catch our breath, with not much in the way of fiction to report on just yet. However, if you wanted to catch up on what the members of TF47 got up to during the fleet action, weekly summaries can all be found on BFMS.

That said, there are a few new missions that have kicked off, with only a few stories so far, but more every day!

  • USS Atlantis arrives at Deep Space 47 within the Thomar Expanse, the crew taking the time to relax briefly before launching into the Expanse.
  • USS Saratoga remains in the Republic to finish her aid relief mission, Commander Ritru is granted leave and use of the Oneida to spend time with her estranged father.
  • USS Ulysses, preparing to depart for the Thomar Expanse, diverts to Bajor upon news of an escaped high-security prisoner who happens to be Lieutenant Rala’s brother.
  • USS Edinburgh experiences a shakeup in command after recent events, with Commander Harris replaced in the centre seat by Captain Fontana. After a clash of personalities, Harris offers his resignation.
  • USS Rhyndacus makes its way to Deep Space 47 while Captain Kr’Antren and LtJG Talibah discuss personnel assignments to and from the ship. Upon arrive captain and crew are reassigned to USS Osiris.
  • USS Cavalier, now under the command of Captain Thevius, begin a period of R&R following recent events in order to give Thevius time to sort out some of the fallout.

Task Force Recognition

Since our last report, Task Force 47 has had a number of promotions and we’ve had the incredibly brilliant Sundered Wings fleet action, which members of TF47 got stuck into in a big way. So without further ado, I’d like to celebrate some of those achievements!


The Sundered Wings Fleet Action has been an awesome and brilliant time for all across Bravo Fleet, with amazing levels of participation by all! But right now I’d like to take time to recognise the efforts put in by Task Force 47 members, whose drive and engagement were crucial to propelling 47 to a task force win. Those efforts over the length of the Fleet Action are deserving of quite a few awards and below are the lucky recipients of each.

  Silver Palm

  Star for Distinguished Service

  Star Cross

  Legion of Merit

  Jonathan Archer Order of Merit


Since the last report, a number of new people have joined Task Force 47 and started their rise in the ranks, so lets it for those folks! At the same time, a number of the names from the last report have continued their ascendency up the ranks as well, a few from just prior to and others during the Fleet Action. All of these were well-deserved and deserving of praise!

Promotion to Cadet Sophomore Grade

Promotion to Cadet Junior Grade

Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

Promotion to Captain


With all of that said, success celebrated and awarded, I’d like to just say that it has been an awesome ride commanding TF47 so far. We’re all seemingly chomping at the bit to explore the new Thomar Expanse and I can’t wait to see what stories get told in this wonderful setting where opportunity abounds. I, as always, also look forward to what all members of Bravo Fleet produce and can’t wait to see what comes next for all of us!


  • Fantastic update - cannot wait to see where TF47 goes in the coming months. The Daradax will start heading that way soon - next story I think.

    July 28, 2022