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USS Atlantis: Mission 9: Just a Quick Stop

Top up the fuel, grab some snacks, stretch the legs, then onwards!

Mission Description

          “You may not find a path, but you will find a way.”
               —Tom Wolfe

Shakedown cruise complete, aid relief rendered and combat tests passed with flying colours, USS Atlantis is finally fit for normal operations and on her way to the Thomar Expanse. But after dashing across the breadth of the Federation and through the Badlands, the crew need a quick breather before plowing on into the depths of the Expanse. Luckily Deep Space 47 lays ahead of the them and the promise of a few days leave for all means all will hopefully get a chance to unwind and relax before moving onwards once more.

About the Mission

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14 August 2022

Just a Quick Stop - 6

USS Atlantis: Mission 9: Just a Quick Stop

Captains log, stardate 77558.8   We’re about to cast off and head into the Thomar Expanse. We’re going to be heading roughly for Alrakis, around the coreward aspect of the Rolor Nebula and then along the Breen border with the intent of disappearing out past Ultima Thule. I’m going to [...]

13 August 2022

Just a Quick Stop - 5

USS Atlantis: Mission 9: Just a Quick Stop

“Okay, wait, what?” Mac asked, a beer held short of his mouth. “Three of them? No way.” In a rather quiet and unpopulated Port Royal, a total of 6 people all sat around one of the larger tables, drinks in hand or before them, the table populated with snacks or light meals as individuals [...]

6 August 2022

Just a Quick Stop - 4

USS Atlantis: Mission 9: Just a Quick Stop

Chief Medical Officer’s Log, stardate 77550.8   Atlantis’ crew are making the most of shore leave aboard Deep Space 47, which hopefully will provide some mental fortitude in the face of our upcoming mission into deep space. I have decided I shall take the next few days off duty, once [...]

30 July 2022

Just a Quick Stop - 3

USS Atlantis: Mission 9: Just a Quick Stop

“Seriously, how did we all end up with all of our shore leave days lining up together?” asked Kelly as she sat herself down next to Matt in the collection of seats and couches their group always ended up assembling. Port Royal, a name which seemed to be sticking for the ship’s primary lounge, [...]