The USS Daradax is Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Kirin Tarken and her crew rag tag crew of junior officers as they wonder if someone is playing an odd joke on them.


Task Force 47

Commanded by the newly promoted half Orion/Risian Lieutenant Commander Kirin Tarken the USS Daradax has been assigned to conduct a preliminary survey of sectors at the fringes of the federation.

Kirin is excited about her new assignment but finds it odd she has been given the ship. She suspects it is to keep her out of trouble and low on the radar after running afoul of the syndicate during her last assignment with Starfleet intelligence.

The crew assigned seem to fit with her as they are all unusual fits within the federation.



RPG Rating 222

Swearing, sexual content and violence are permitted, with some limitations.

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13 October 2022

Risian Connection Chp 6 - An Unpleasant Journey

USS Daradax: Mission 3 - The Risian Connection

Bridge – 7:45 Kirin stepped onto the bridge rubbing her head and holding a hot cup of coffee with her other hand after another restless night due to her consistent headaches. She had been having them for a while and she knew they were due to the replacement pheromone-blocking implant she had [...]

10 October 2022

Risian Connection Chp 5 - Rendezvous with Heritage

USS Daradax: Mission 3 - The Risian Connection

Bridge – 8:30 Kirin stood on the bridge of the Daradax and looked out the viewport at the blue pearl floating in the void below the ship as well as the other vessels that orbited the planet. The last couple of days had been nice, and restful, something she had not had for a long time. She [...]

26 September 2022

Risian Connection Chp 4 - A Day to Relax

USS Daradax: Mission 3 - The Risian Connection

The day after – Risian Connection Chp 3 – Homecoming  08:30 – Tarken Homestead; Risa “So is this what you will do your entire day at home Kiri? Laze about outside?” came the voice of Keuon; her father.  Kirin groaned as she rubbed her head and blinked her eyes open. She [...]

31 August 2022

Risian Connection Chp 3 - Homecoming

USS Daradax: Mission 3 - The Risian Connection

8:30 – Bridge, USS Daradax Lieutenant JG Thanen Th’zalnar sat in the command chair scrolling through the sensor feeds benign feed to the small display on the left armrest as the ship dropped out of warp into the outer edges of the Risian system. Without looking up he smiled and his antennae [...]