Known as the "Eddie" to her crew, the USS Edinburgh earned a reputation as a hard-working crew willing and able to do whatever was needed, wherever it was needed.


Task Force 72

The USS Edinburg was a New Orleans class ship that could be modified with the two modular pods for whatever the mission required.  The mission of the ‘Eddie’ or ‘Ed’ was to support the ongoing fleet action with the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire through engineering and medical needs.  Both pods were additional sickbay and medical spaces while the engineering crew was trained in combat engineering and rapid response.

The posting style of the Edinburgh was using specific dates in the post details and Location and Time in the written posts.

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Swearing is permitted, with some limitations. Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. Violence is permitted, with some limitations.

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19 October 2022

Check In

USS Edinburgh: Mission 4 - These Are The Voyages

Jordan looked from her desk as the new Chief of Ops stepped into Sickbay, as a nurse went up to speak to him.  A moment later, she appeared at the office door. “Lieutenant Tir is here to see you as requested, Doctor Reid.”   The Chief Medical Officer stepped out of her office and gave [...]

19 October 2022

The Meeting of the Minds

USS Edinburgh: Mission 4 - These Are The Voyages

Okada sat in the bridge officer’s lounge, her chilled green tea grasped in her hands.  She had woken up that morning and found herself with the urge to return to the ship.  It was an odd feeling at the time.  Katsumi had forced herself to see old friends on the station, but she was [...]

16 October 2022

The Voices of Calog and Tir

USS Edinburgh: Mission 4 - These Are The Voyages

You think you’re ready for this? The voice of Yora, the previous host of his symbiont Tir, tugged at the back of his mind.  Calog had known Yora and Tira for the past ten years, and Yora had been sufficiently critical of his decisions in that time that they had fought early on about his [...]

15 October 2022

The Communicator

USS Edinburgh: Mission 4 - These Are The Voyages

“Good morning, Commander.” Harris glanced up from his working desk and stood to shake the hand of the ensign, who was on time for her interview.  “To you as well, Ensign Atega.  Please, sit.” She nervously sat, her eyes searching the desk, the office, the walls, the floor – [...]