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Kellin Rayco

Trill Cisgender Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Rayco


Executive Officer
USS Constellation


Kellin Rayco

2370 (Age: 31)


Commander Kellin Rayco serves as the recently-promoted executive officer of the Constellation III-class explorer, USS Constellation.  He would feel out of place as an ex-security chief aboard a ship of scientific exploration if not for the deep and abiding trust of his mentor, Captain Taes.  While Kellin can’t tell you why torpedoes explode or where nadion particle beams come from, he always grounded his security and tactical training in a personal knack for reading body language and defusing conflict through hugs. He shows up to the bridge every day with massive “older brother” energy.  Kellin has served as security officer, and confidant, for Captain Taes since she was in the command training program, commanding a little Raven-class corvette, USS Nestus.


At 1.96 cm and 108 kg, Kellin’s appearance has the massive build and blandly-attractive features in common with an old fashioned farm boy. His towering height is framed on a build that appears genetically predisposed to building muscle and body fat in concert. He’s one of those people you hate because he doesn’t eat that well, or work out that much, but his young age and metabolism makes up the difference. His auburn hair is usually on the longer side of regulation length, and it looks positively ginger in the right light. His face is open and genuine with attentive grey-blue eyes; he can’t hide a thing he’s feeling.


Kellin Rayco was the kind of child and adolescent that everyone wanted to know. He was good enough at things, and handsome enough, and he was that perfect balance of open and friendly without seeming “too” sensitive or needy. As the eldest son of younger sisters, Kellin childhood was practically designed to give him protective, loyal, “older brother” energy. His friendliness was his way; it was never a concerted effort. In the end, Kellin usually proved to be fairly self-involved, or at least lost in the world in his own body and mind.

Kellin firmly believes in the ideals of the Federation. He believes in exploration and self-development. Having grown up in free-wheeling art communes, he craves the opposite of that; he craves most structured communities in the Federation, like Starfleet. He has an intense respect for authority, and a deep-seeded need to impress authority figures. He came to Starfleet for the wrong reasons, but he stays with Starfleet, because he believes Starfleet will make him better. He takes every opportunity for learning. He lives his life in optimism and hope that diversity and cooperation can solve any challenge. However, he can be narrow-minded and preachy about his own particular interpretation of the Federation ideals.

As an unjoined Trill, Kellin craves a legacy, because he knows he only has one life to live. He is aware of that acutely. He was drawn to Starfleet, thinking it could make him legendary, but he doesn’t have the drive to be the best fighter or a great leader. In his twenties, Kellin hasn’t discovered what he wants his legacy to look like.

Kellin always assumes stupidity causes people to do bad things, rather than malice.


Kellin was raised in small towns from Vega colony to Berengaria VII. His parents were mechanics by trade, but what fulfilled them was mechanical invention. Kellin never showed much interest in their passions, and yet he still loved the life they provided for him. He appreciated living in rural areas of the Federation, because of the travelling and running and swimming and skiing and climbing, even if he never much took to the arts or seeking creative ways to express himself. Because they moved on so frequently, Kellin was especially close to his parents, and deathly protective of his siblings. He was the eldest child, and so there was no one to teach him how to find his own way — especially in comparison to the way his sisters began showing inclinations to live the artist’s life.

Kellin chose to apply for Starfleet not because it was his only option, nor even his best option, but it was the best excuse he could give his family for why he needed to leave. He had started to feel childish, staying with his parents, as his sisters ventured off on their own adventures. A career in Starfleet came with a mixed-bag of implications and obligations, and he could only justify leaving them behind if he was, in some small way, still keeping them safe. Any other choice — to leave them to go to school, or pursue competitive athletics, or become a merchant — would have felt selfish to Kellin. Joining Starfleet made sense at the time. Kellin intended to pursue engineering, because he thought it would make his parents happy. But then an instructor told him he would make a fantastic security officer someday, and it stuck with Kellin, and he was determined to prove his instructor right.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2398 Assistant Chief Security Officer USS Uzaveh
2398 - 2399 Patrol Shift Leader Starbase 72
2399 - 2400 Chief Security Officer USS Nestus
2400 Chief Security Officer USS Dvorak
2400 - 2401 Chief Security Officer & Second Officer USS Sarek
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Executive Officer USS Constellation