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Profile Overview

Lorra Niala

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Lorra


Chief Engineering Officer
USS Valkyrie


Lorra Niala

Stardate 236210.15 (Age: 39)



Lorra Niala serves as the Chief Engineer on the USS Valkyrie, a Sovereign-class vessel she meticulously maintains.


At first glance, Lieutenant Commander Lorra defies the stereotype of a mere “wrench monkey.” She radiates an ethereal charm, her porcelain complexion complemented by cascading waves of chestnut hair that gracefully tumble over her shoulders. Her almond-shaped eyes, reminiscent of deep mahogany, hold a captivating depth, reflecting a myriad of emotions within. Delicate features, from a softly curved jawline to a pert nose, are accentuated by subtle Bajoran ridges, adding an air of refinement to her countenance.


Niala embodies a “wait and see” approach, opting for observation over hasty action, her inner thoughts often reflected in her expressive face. Preferring the company of machinery over people, she has consistently felt a deeper connection with the former. Despite her reserved demeanor, she harbors a compassionate heart, exuding warmth and affection to those she cares about. However, underestimating her quiet disposition would be a mistake—when provoked, she reveals a fierce tenacity, ready to fiercely defend her beliefs and stand her ground.


Born on Bajor during the final years of the occupation, Lorra Niala grew up in the aftermath of conflict, witnessing her people’s struggles to rebuild and rediscover purpose. As the dust settled, a new challenge emerged with the onset of the Dominion War when she was just 11 years old. Inspired by tales of Bajoran heroes in Starfleet, Lorra developed a profound admiration for the organization’s commitment to exploration, peace, and cooperation among diverse species.

Exhibiting a natural aptitude for engineering from a tender age, Niala eagerly explored the realms of Bajoran, Cardassian, and Starfleet technology by disassembling and reassembling various devices to grasp their inner workings. This fascination evolved over time as she honed her skills in repairing technology, eventually becoming the go-to expert for her entire region by the age of 16. Despite occasional mishaps resulting in devices blowing up, Niala consistently demonstrated her resourcefulness by finding innovative ways to revive them, often using seemingly incompatible parts. Encouraged by her family, she enthusiastically pursued her passion and applied to Starfleet Academy.

At the Academy, Niala faced the challenge of being one of the few Bajoran engineers among a diverse group of cadets. Despite her determination, intelligence, and personable nature, she struggled to fully bridge the cultural gaps. Specializing in advanced warp propulsion systems and experimental energy technologies, Lorra aimed for a career as an engineer.

Following her graduation, Niala embarked on a journey aboard various starships, where she diligently honed her engineering skills in diverse roles.

Eventually, she found herself stationed at the Avalon Fleet Yards, assuming the crucial role of a Refit Specialist. After a substantial tenure at the yards, she ascended to the position of Project Lead for the Refit initiative of the Sovereign-class vessel USS Valkyrie. During this time, she discovered a reluctance to relinquish her trusty hyper spanner, a tool symbolic of her hands-on approach. As the project neared completion and the looming deadline was just around the corner, a setback struck when a flu outbreak afflicted most of her senior engineers due to poorly decontaminated containers. Without hesitation, Niala plunged into the field alongside her team, working tirelessly through multiple shifts. It was during this grueling period that she crossed paths with Captain Gabriel Jackson.

Impressed by her talents and unwavering dedication, he appointed her as the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Valkyrie, a ship she nurtured and cared for as if it were her own offspring.