Profile Overview

Freya Dawson

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Dawson


Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Valkyrie


Don’t let Freya’s looks fool you she is good at her job and most do not try to question her skills. She is the Tesla’s Tactical officer and also the CO’s advisor in Strategic Operations due to her training in the Academy.


With piercing blue eyes Freya has a look that most remembers and recalls her when her name is spoken. She was raised near the beaches but holds a fair complexion and brunette hair.


Freya is closed off until you get to know her and will keep things close to her until she feels she has a mutual connection and can trust someone. She is a through and through by the books officer and will question any orders that seem to deviate from the norms of Starfleet Regulations. Always kind to whoever she sometimes makes others feel uncomfortable because of her positivity.