Profile Overview

Alcyone Brennan

Human/Rodulan Hybrid female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Brennan


Chief Medical Officer
USS Valkyrie




Doctor Alcyone Brennan




Alcyone Brennan started out as a nurse, but eventually decided to get a full medical degree instead. After a few years of separation, she transferred to the USS Valkyrie to join Eshrevi Sh’shiqil there, and rekindle their previously close relationship.


Alcyone is difficult to notice in a crowd, looking as unassumingly human as possible. With strawberry-blonde hair and charming freckles, she appears younger than she actually is – which has more than once gotten her the question if she’s really supposed to wear that many pips.

One of Alcyone’s defining features are her eyes, which she enhances with contacts to portray a mesmerizing shade of green.

In contrast to the rigid standards often associated with Starfleet officers, Alcyone’s figure is softly curved, and gives the impression the she only does as much exercise as is absolutely necessary, and dislikes it intensely.

Despite her unassuming appearance, Alcyone possesses a quiet confidence that becomes evident in moments of challenge.


Alcyone is often perceived as a reserved and timid presence. Someone who lingering on the edges of conversations with a hesitance in her voice and a tendency to retreat into herself. But as she gradually warms up to those around her, she becomes effervescent and animated, filled with enthusiasm and a genuine eagerness to connect. She eagerly shares anecdotes, personal musings, and has the tendency to overshare on both  – much to the amusement of her friends.


Alcyone was given up for adoption only hours after she was born, and whichever parent decided on that step made sure that their identity would never been disclosed. But Alcyone was lucky – she was adopted into a loving and wealthy, if somewhat strict and traditional, family on Colludia.

She grew up in a protected environment, succeeded school and eventually entered Starfleet Academy, where she majored in nursing. After a while, however, she noticed that this wasn’t enough for her. She embarked on the challenging journey to become a doctor instead, keeping the patient-centred approach.

Her best friend throughout Academy was Eshrevi Sh’shiqil, an Andorian woman a good few years older than her. The two remained by each other’s side during their first postings, but eventually parted ways when Eshrevi transferred to the USS Valkyrie.