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Caela Yansen

Human Female


Character Information

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USS Valkyrie


Cipy she likes. Copy she hates. (her intials are CPY )


Caela Petra Yansen

January 21 2365

Fruitland, Idaho


Caela grew up with her brother Riordan on the family farm in Idaho. She grew up every bit the tomboy until puberty hit.  At an early age, she showed vocal talents. A birthday gift of a guitar was a stepping stone for her own talent of songwriting and performing.

After primary schooling, Caela attended Julliard Academy. A double major of vocal arts and historical performances allowed her to flourish and grow as an artist. Like her older brother, she took to space but as a space cruise ship industry. She became good at many facets of the entertainment industry during her ongoing career, even running a pub for a while.

Hobbies: Singing (professional level), guitar, keyboards. Mixology. Distilling liquor. Yoga, Mountain bikes.


Cassia is tall and curvy. A striking freckled redhead with piercing blue eyes, she demands attention. She is always dressed simply but elegantly, like a true lady.  At close to two meters and 80 kilos, there was much to appreciate. She will accentuate her walk sometimes if she knows someone is interested.


Her skin is covered in freckles, it used to cause her to be self conscious but she has since accepted that she will always be a ginger, never a size zero, and to hell with anyone that couldn’t appreciate all the she had to offer.

Growing in western Idaho, gave Caela a spirit much like her older brother Riordan. Independent, resourceful, and imaginative. Unlike her brother, the liberal arts attracted her much more especially as she grew into her voice and allowing herself to be comfortable in her own body and spirit.


Attended Julliard School of Music 2386-2392

Under contract with Whitestar cruiselines 2392-2401

On the condition that she was family onboard with him, Riordan insisited Caela keep her hand to hand classes up to date. It was a starship and events could random.  She is also handy with small repairs