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RRW Jarok (Archive)

“There comes a time in a man’s life that you cannot know… when he looks down at the first smile of his baby girl and realizes he must change the world for her… for all children.” – Alidar Jarok, 2366


The Jarok is a warbird serving the Romulan Republic. The primary mission of the Jarok is to help establish critical infrastructure for the Republic to grow and sustain the growing numbers. Also, with the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire and the creation of the Independent Romulan Factions, it has become the Jarok task to establish contact with as many worlds as possible. Assist them with anything and everything they need, and influence them to join the Romulan Republic to continue growing and protecting those threatened. But most importantly, to survive against those who see them as a threat. There may also be some points where the Jarok will be responsible for escorting or playing a pivotal role in diplomacy with other major factions.

The question is, are you ready to join the crew of the Jarok and be part of history? Join Now!

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6 March 2023

Well that's a problem...or is it?

RRW Jarok: M1-Part II: To Be or Not To Be

The helm station made a notification chirp that got Isha’s attention. She read the information before she turned in her seat to look at Saren and Orex. “We’re about to drop out of warp. I had plotted a course for our drop point to be outside the star system.” Saren nodded his head. “Good. [...]

6 February 2023

Christening the warbird

RRW Jarok: M1-Part II: To Be or Not To Be

Commander’s Ready Room As the door split apart to reveal the room before him, his eyes began to scan around. To take in what was there, to gage at what the previous commander was like. As Saren stepped into the room with Orex behind him, he saw a few pieces of portraits on the wall. A couple of [...]

4 January 2023

Everyone has a voice

RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

It was a bit of a surprise for everyone when the Romulan Republic Intelligence Officer just appeared out of nowhere in sickbay before them but not as much as what Centurion Maec had to tell them. Saren had chosen for everyone to relocate to the bridge of the ship, he even had sent a message via [...]

14 December 2022

Checking the core!

RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

Chapter is before “Everyone has a voice!” Two columns of green light appeared in a dark corridor just a few junctions away from the engine room. The light would then disappear, leaving two figures in ev suits in the darkness. The suits automatic systems would detect the lack of illumination and [...]