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Profile Overview

Taval N'Vek

Romulan Male

Character Information


Chief Engineering Officer
RRW Jarok (Archive)


Taval N'Vek




Taval is a stern and quiet Engineering officer with a bit of a hot headed temper. He has served on one ship his entire life previously which dissolved under a mutiny against a corrupt and cruel former Commander. Not sure what to do with himself, he defected to the Republic Navy to continue what he does best and hoping they are good for the Romulan people.


Taval is a rather tall and heavy Romulan who reaches 192 cm in height and weighs in at about 215 lbs. He is a well muscled, imposing figure from many years of physically strenuous labour. He keeps himself in peak physical condition, quite vain and meticulous about his looks. He keeps his dark brown, nearly black hair slicked back out of his face. He carries himself tall and proud with a constant stern expression.


Taval is absolutely loyal to a fault. He will stick with someone or something till the bitter end. He is reliable and effecient in his work and ensures the safety of his crew. He is very hotheaded and quick to anger, unable to stand anyone interupting his duties. He has started to calm down with age. Only slightly. He is a very private and closed off individual.


Taval was born on Romulus to the son of an influential Star Navy engineer and politician in the year 2335. He was raised alongside his two sisters. All three led a fairly comfortable, privileged life. His sisters were sent to more academic walks of life while Taval followed his father’s footsteps and went towards Engineering and more mechanical things. His early life was rather uneventful; He excelled in his studies and learned how to be a model Romulan citizen. During his youth and training, he was often bullied and picked on for being rather small and quiet. As a result, he often got into fistfights and brawls with others his age, ending in a good deal of disciplinary action.

He joined the Romulan Star Navy as soon as he was able to, following in his father’s footsteps even more, in 2355. He was assigned as a general operations officer aboard the IRW Ridaere. Taval found himself swimming in a sea of overwhelming amounts of crew and an absolutely massive D’Deridex class.

Taval found himself facing the same issues as his youth; often getting picked on for his size and quiet demeanour. He fought back at first, getting disciplined as an adult in the Star Navy and not as a troublesome youth quickly changed his mind on that. Instead, he focused more on working out and bulking up, soon he was at the size that nobody pushed him around much anymore.

Taval served under the same Captain for his entire time on the Ridaere. In 2366, he took the position of Assistant Chief Operations Officer and held this position till 2370. He got switched over to  Assistant Chief Engineer after a shift in the chain of command. He served under Centurion Lihran till 2387. His department head left abruptly and Taval got thrust into the position of Chief Engineer.

The supernova was a devastating loss to Taval. His parents and all his friends perished. Having nothing left and not sure what to do with himself, he just continued to serve on the Ridaere as the Chief Engineer. During his time on the Ridaere, he witnessed his Commander grow more and more power hungry and corrupt. He kept his discontness about it quiet and to himself, thinking he was the only one who was upset about this.

In 2400, a revolt and mutiny was led against the corrupt Commander by two Starfleet spies that disguised themselves and went unnoticed amongst the crew. Taval took part in the mutiny to overthrow the Commander and they took over the ship, piloting it to the nearest Reman colony. He jumped ship and defected quite willingly to the Republic Navy, believing they have the best interest of the Romulan people.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2355 - 2360 Operations Officer IRW Ridaere
2360 - 2366 Operations Officer IRW Ridaere
2366 - 2370 Assistant Chief Operations Officer IRW Ridaere
2370 - 2387 Assistant Chief Engineer IRW Ridaere
2387 - 2400 Chief Engineer IRW Ridaere