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RRW Jarok: M1-Part II: To Be or Not To Be

The Jarok is its way to a colony that put out a distress call. The ship, not even close to reaching the bare-minimum crew requirements to perform essential tasks in case of combat, is about to face it's first foe on its first day as a Republic Warbird.

Mission Description

The away team have beamed on board the abandoned Valdore-Class Warbird, dealt with the virus and restored main power. Just as they were sorting out their priorities, they received a distress call from a colony on a Imperial Band. More unfortunate news, they were the closest ship to respond. Commander Saren gave his team a chance to voice their opinions on whether or not to respond to that distress call. Some favored saving the day, while one, the Subcommander in particular; advised against it. For a ship that requires at least fifty crew to perform bare-minimum tasks, what could a team less than ten do? Is Commander Saren pushing his luck? Or can they really save the day for this colony? The story continues in Part II!

About the Mission

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6 March 2023

Well that's a problem...or is it?

RRW Jarok: M1-Part II: To Be or Not To Be

The helm station made a notification chirp that got Isha’s attention. She read the information before she turned in her seat to look at Saren and Orex. “We’re about to drop out of warp. I had plotted a course for our drop point to be outside the star system.” Saren nodded his head. “Good. [...]

6 February 2023

Christening the warbird

RRW Jarok: M1-Part II: To Be or Not To Be

Commander’s Ready Room As the door split apart to reveal the room before him, his eyes began to scan around. To take in what was there, to gage at what the previous commander was like. As Saren stepped into the room with Orex behind him, he saw a few pieces of portraits on the wall. A couple of [...]