Profile Overview


Romulan Male

Character Information


Second Officer
Starbase 415


Savek Jadek




Jadek had served the Imperial Navy for many years as a Soldier of the Romulan Star Empire. Although, as soon as the Romulan Commando Division became active, or available to him, he immediately transferred. Over the years as a Commando, he rose through the ranks and eventually commanded his own unit. He had led several successful missions for the Empire, even more so during the Dominion War when the Romulan Empire joined the fight.

Now, once a proud patriot to the Empire, Jadek had watched in shame as the Empire he once knew and loved changed, twisted, and evidentially crumbled. The last and final straw was when the commander of a D’Deridex-Class Warbird in orbit of a colony ordered Jadek and his commandos to round up the colonists and execute them for treason. Loyal to him, Jadek led a mutiny on board the warbird and secured main engineering. It was fortunate that the Jarok arrived in time to assist Jadek and his men, at which point, Jadek served on board the Jarok as the Second Officer and leader of the 1st Squad of the 41st Division of the Republic Commandos.

In efforts to increase public relations with Starfleet and other empires, Jadek was offered and accepted the Second Officer role at Starbase 415 through the Exhange Officer Program.